Getting rid of "Parallels Tools initializing is in progress" message on startup

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by BruceP, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. BruceP


    I must say that as a paying customer I'm a bit disappointed at the lack of support from Parallels. I submitted the below problem to them via their "e-mail support" web page back in early March and despite multiple followups from me I never heard a single thing from anybody at Parallels. Since they seem unable or unwilling to offer any help I was wondering if anybody else had an answer to this problem. I originally sent this to Parallels on 3/12 and received a confirmation back from their RT system with a support ID of 117351. Here was the original message:

    I started using Parallels with one of the later beta builds (around 3000 I think). I don't recall if I've seen this prior to installing build 3186 or not, but now every time I launch Parallels I see the below warning message about Parallels Tools. How do I go about getting rid of this? The tools appear to be properly installed in the guest OS. Thanks.

    The message:

    Warning: Parallels Tools initializing is in progress. Please do not turn off or reset the virtual machine, and do not perform any operations in the guest operating system until Parallels Tools initializing will be complete, because it may result in data loss. ​
  2. VTMac


    I'm fairly sure Parallels is switching the real drivers for the VM drivers when this message is displayed. It's a good thing and the warning message is necessary because if you terminate during the process and try to boot into Bootcamp, "bad" things will happen.

    If this is the biggest problem you have, count yourself lucky. It certainly has no negative functional impact.
  3. BruceP


    I've never terminated the driver install, and yet that message appears every time I boot into the VM. I've booted directly into Windows via Bootcamp as well with no obvious problems.

    Are you sure? How do I know that the drivers were properly installed? That's what I'm concerned about. If this message is being displayed every time I start up the Windows VM then does it mean one of the drivers wasn't properly installed? Or were all the drivers properly installed and this truly is something I can simply ignore? How do I know for certain?
  4. CorpSuit


    I get the same message. When I attempted once to shut down the Virtual Machine, I totally hosed up my Boot Camp image.

    So now when it loads, I just leave it alone. It really doesn't affect anything does it? I mean it stays up for 30 seconds or so, and by the time the login screen pops up it disappears or shortly afterwards.
  5. I don't suppose you read the new documentation regarding use of a Boot Camp installed Windows? Page 98 and Pages 211-ff.
  6. Eru Ithildur

    Eru Ithildur

    You obviously haven't read the message that you are wanting taken down. It says Parallels tools are initializing. NOT installing.
    Trust me, you don't want to shut down while these are going. It can screw your VM over. (I've done it to see what would happen)

    Lousy, uneducated complaint. RTFM, this thread should be locked.
  7. BruceP


    Well if this is a common problem and not indicitive of an actual problem with the Parallels Tools install then I won't worry about it. I was concerned that it was an indication of a problem with the tools actually installing.
  8. luomat

    luomat Kilo Poster

    It's a common misunderstanding

    You're certainly /NOT/ the only one who has ever been confused by this.

    I think the wording is poor, at the very least it's awkward.

    "Parallels Tools initializing is in progress."

    should be

    Parallels Tools initialization is in process

    or (better, IMO) something like:

    "Parallels Tools are now being configured. Please DO NOT shut down or interrupt this process. The Parallles Tools are a necessary to optimize Windows performance. This should only take a few moments. (*)

    You will see this message each time Windows starts up under Parallels."

    (*) If it seems to taking longer, try moving your mouse to see if the process has completed.

    He got some good advice from the forum. Don't be so mean or harsh. Sheesh!

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