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    Sometimes automatic snapshot creation comes at a very impractical moment, such as during intense file operations or some other situation.
    Parallels only allows the user to postpone the creation for a short period of time, and also the countdown is very short.
    I would like to suggest the following:
    Give the user full control over
    - countdown time: 10 seconds .... 30 minutes (sic)
    - give the user the options in the dialog box:
    1. create snapshot now,
    2. delay snapshop creation/snapshot prompt by 10 minutes ... up to 24 hours (in case the next snapshot is scheduled earlier, skip),
    3. skip this snapshot (and show information when the next snapshot is scheduled
    4. pause the automatic snapshot engine entirely for 10 minutes ... 24 hours ... permanently

    And very import, give the user the option that a snapshot will never be created completely automatically, but only after the user clicks "create now". I.e. now countdown, just a user prompt at the time when a snapshot is due.

    Thank you, this would be of great use!
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