Got New Update Still 3D Issues, now what ??

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    Ok I paid the $40 for the update and installed it, but I still have problems with some games so what is the solution ??

    Guild War Fraction (3D will not work)
    1701 A.D. (will start to play but when it gets to the tutorials the program shuts down)
    Stringhold Legends (starts to load then gives an error, shuts down the exe file)

    So whats the issues with these games ?

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    5 Days no reply.. because alot of other people are having issues I have got my answer with no help from support (parallels have very little support for directX and 3D).

    I would think after spending $120 I would have some kind of reply from support though.

  3. hotblack


    Sadly the only real 3D support there is is that which is provided by the libraries Parallels use (WINE). There is no real all in one solution for Direct3D let alone DirectX and problems will be encountered, I fear Parallels are slightly overselling what is possible. That said, for older games and those with custom support there can be some pretty good performance. But it's not a simple plug and play free for all.

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