Guest Tools unable to install on kernel 4.15

Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by RussCr0, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. RussCr0

    RussCr0 Bit Poster

    Absolutely ridiculous that Parallels have not addressed the issue of guest tools not compiling against linux kernel 4.15. You're basically driving away your customers to competing solutions. Definitely not going to renew.
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  2. DarrylB1

    DarrylB1 Bit Poster

    I have opened ticket with support. After the usual try .... I was sent to tier 2 who gathered truly useful information and sent the problem up on more level. I have been told they are working on a "fix" but have not been given a date that a patch will be available even in beta form.

    I am not defending them they should be proactive by working on these issue while the new mainline Linux systems are still in beta. Being reactive waiting for the users to report the issue is a poor support model.
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  3. SebastianB7

    SebastianB7 Bit Poster

    Well these guys convinced me. I barely bought the product and I canceled the renewal.... They are just a bad joke.
    This was the last time I actually came to check if by any chance they plan to do an update but.... not really.... Windows is their focus not the other OSes.
    Worst money I have ever spent....
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  4. IghorJ

    IghorJ Bit Poster

    This need to be fixed urgently, lucky I have backup of OS
  5. Parallels21

    Parallels21 Bit Poster

    Just cancelled my persistent subscription to Parallels due to this problem. Moved to Virtualbox, which is free and much better updated, and seems to work just as well for me as Parallels.
  6. BrianS1

    BrianS1 Bit Poster

    I am cancelling my two renewals as well. The lack of support and updates from Parallels to subscription customers on these forums has left me appalled.
  7. Hemnath@Parallels

    Hemnath@Parallels Parallels Support

    Hello folks. Our engineers are working hard to add support for Ubuntu 18.04 (Linux kernel v4.15+). Once it is fully supported by Parallels, we will add it to the list of supported guest OS's listed here. At this time, we do not have a fixed date for adding support for the said guest OS.
  8. freejack86

    freejack86 Bit Poster

  9. Hi Everyone,
    Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac Update 3 Hotfix 1 (13.3.1-43365) is released and it supports Ubuntu 18.04 and the kernel version 4.15. Use this direct link to download and install the latest build. Let us know if you face any issues.

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