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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop 16 for M1 Mac Technical Preview' started by Aaron21, Apr 7, 2021 at 2:37 AM.

  1. Aaron21

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    Hey guys,
    I've been using the parallels technical preview for quite some time now and all in all, I'm just thankful that it often just works.
    But one thing, that sadly doesn't work is hardware acceleration. I use a SketchUp plugin which only runs on Windows, but SketchUp tells me all the time, that my system doesn't have hardware acceleration enabled. Is there any workaround available?
  2. kode54

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    I just ran the SketchUp Checkup 2021 test on my Windows for ARM virtual machine, and it passes with flying colors. Perhaps you should update your Parallels to the latest version, if it hasn't updated on its own? Also reinstall the Parallels Tools if you haven't done so since updating the Technical Preview.
    I am running:
    Version 16.3.2 (50531) Technical Preview

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