has anyone got the free upgrade yet?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by 1pauper1, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. 1pauper1

    1pauper1 Bit Poster

    i bought PD in feb 2007, 3 months ago with a one year upgrade protection clause.
    they say those of us who have this upgrade protection will get a new activation code
    via e-mail as soon as parallels goes "GA". what the f#$%@ck is GA
    .....and when do we get it.

    so far the only e-mail i've gotten says they want more money.

    if anybody has received it, please let me know.
  2. Horizontal


    I'm in same situation as you. It seems Parallels are not honouring this commitment. They now say that the free upgrade agreement is for point updates only not major releases, this despite what they emailed me when I bought it in December. All my attempts to contact them have been fruitless, they don't respond.
  3. babacrash


    I've seen somewhere that the activation code would sent to people in this situation (like me) during the week following the release.
  4. orija


    same problem here

    their website and registration system is just confusing.
    I bought Parallels in December and supposedly am to get free upgrades.
    I haven't gotten any email from them at all, even about 3.0 being released becuase my email address has changed. That's my problem, but how can I change my address with Parallels? I am logged into the website on my new email address. But are they sending info about 3.0 to my old one? who knows? I can't even figure out what email address to ask the question, support@parallels.com gives me an auto response. info@parallels.com no one answers and the Element 5 support form... I'll have to wait and see if there is anyone there, but since I didn't buy through them I doubt they can help me.
    I have bought alot of software and dealt with many issues over the years, Parallels seems to have a very convoluted support system.
  5. fso


    Same here

    I bought in December last year - with the free one year upgrade. I have not heard anything from them yet. My email hasn't changed.

    Hopefully, they are just really busy and will send us activation code soon.
  6. imaffett


    Does anyone have a copy of the email? Mine was purchased for me by my company, so I do not have a copy, but I do recall the 1 year free major upgrades. That's the only reason I bought it then.
  7. Ankou

    Ankou Guest

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused, due to the great interest of our customers in the new release there were some technical trouble with the servers. We are doing our best to solve this situation as soon as possible and you should receive the email shortly.
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  8. Vertical


    I also bought my license back in December and should have received a free key for 3.0. Unfortunately this slipped my mind when I got the email about upgrading for 39.99, so like the idiot I am I went ahead and paid for the upgrade.

    I did get a reply through the web form, but it didn't really answer my question about a possible refund and now it's all gone quiet. So I do have a key, but as I think I bought it using a different email I'm not even sure it will work. Oh well, at least I have myself to blame.

    Still haven't received the key I should have got through the Upgrade Protection license.
  9. darkone




    * Upgrade now at the regular upgrade price of $49.99
    * Maintenance customer? You will get the upgrade for FREE!*
    * Purchased after May 1st? You will get the upgrade for FREE!*

    * Customers will be sent their free upgrade keys within one week of Parallels Desktop for Mac general availability.
  10. imaffett


    Doh...Spectre had it clearly outlined above in his post...

    "Q: I bought Parallels Desktop during the last Christmas Holidays with the Upgrade Protection. And still I'm receiving and email about pre-order. Isn't I'm supposed to get all upgrades for free?
    A: We have sent pre-order announcements to all of our registered customers. If you have Upgrade Protection or Maintenance purchased you'll receive your Parallels Desktop 3.0 key for free as soon as it goes GA. If you have free upgrades purchased and ordered the product by mistake - feel free to contact us at order-support@parallels.com and our Customer Service will help you."

    My question (and I'm guessing YES), if I go with a trial key, I can upgrade once I have the activation key? I jumped the gun and installed it thinking my old key worked.

  11. jnimmo


    Yeah go for it with the trial key - I made the same mistake in installing it and my 3.0 key not working (I didn't think it would, but hoped)

    I'm also waiting on the free upgrade;
    I realised there are some mixed messages going around because in one place it says that the upgrade keys will be sent as soon as it goes GA, but on the other hand there is somewhere else on the Parallels site saying they will be sent out within the week.
  12. snodman

    snodman Bit Poster

    Nobody has gotten theirs yet, it appears. I certainly have not gotten mine. Next week will be fine for me since I had no problem getting a working 2 week free trial key for 3.0. If Parallels gets the Year of Free Upgrades keys out when they say they will it won't be a problem. And taking more than a few work days to essentially just generate a bunch of keys send some form letter emails would just be stupid.

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