Has anyone successfully install Fedora Core 5?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by vazexqi, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. fellow

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    RAM size crashes boot

    With a 700+ RAM size the installer will boot fine, but the new install will fail. When I ajusted RAM to 512, Fedora Core 5 booted fine.

    What's happening Parallels?
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    The RAM issue isn't a parallels issue.
    <comment: it would be nice if parallels bothered responding on the forum as they don't respond to emails. sad thing as their product is very good. support sucks.>

    The RAM issue relates to the intel chip. you need to change the grub script in the boot loader. to do this, boot linux with 512mb, then edit the /etc/grub.conf file. on the kernel line, add
    then you're good to go and can boot with as much ram as you like.
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  4. islandinthenet

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    Thanks to your trial and errot I was able to get my Fefora Core 5 install working as well. I had similar problems until I reduced the RAM allocation below 512MB.

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