HELP! 3188 is forcing me to think!

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by hoju, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. hoju


    In 3188 the network isn't working... oh wait, I forgot to plug in the cable.

    In 3188 I can't send any print jobs to my printer... oh wait, I don't have a printer. Ok, well it should still work! 1970 did.

    3188 forced me to re-install my operating system!!!! Stupid OSX, this happens to me almost 2 times a week. (Though it used to be a daily thing for me with that crappy XP).

    Come to think of it, so did 10.4.9 update!!! I mean, I installed it, and it rebooted, and it just stayed there on the spinning circle for at least 2-3 seconds, so man, I powered it down right away, and then for some reason it didn't come up so good. So I put in the setup disk, and I formatted the hard drive clean, and re-installed. Damn Apple, they screwed up my system!!! Just like 3188!!!

    Then I had to install all my damn applications, including 3188. DAMN.

    And then I noticed 3188 wiped out all my VMs, they were there before I installed 10.4.9, and now they are gone!!!

    In 3188 my pirated copy of Windows XP is saying I need to get a genuine copy, stupid 3188.

    Is anyone else having these problems?

    Btw, I saw the coolest app called VM2Go... it helped me find all my VMs... man I used to spend days looking for them... Stupid 3188 puts them somewhere on the computer, I have no idea where...

    PS. In 3188 I can't find the "any" key, XP keeps telling me to press "any key", but I can't see an "any" key anywhere - does anyone know what this key looks like???
  2. constant


    When you say you cant find the "any" key, you put it in quotes by itself, but when you talk about ms saying "any key" you put the two words in quotes together. Why is that?

    I too used to barate the mac users, but I realised that they're mostly arty types who only have imagination and not logic. They need all the help we can give them.
  3. itsdapead


    Because he spoilt the joke by not typing in the full "press any key to continue" prompt - which probably pre-dates MS and the Mac.

    The MS/IBM contribution to the ouvre was the classic and less apocryphal "Keyboard not present - press F1 to continue" - and you can forgive users being confused by that one.

    Of course, any clueless PC users you might encounter who can only copy a file by opening it in MS Word and doing "save as...", tell you they are running "Windows XP" when they mean "Windows 2000 and Office XP" and dutifully pass on every hoax virus email to everyone they know (while simultaneously exhorting them to install this really cool bit of software from that adds animated smileys to every email) are obviously just a few unrepresentative freaks - and if anybody pesters you while you're on helldesk duty in a PC-only organization, well you must be very unlucky.
  4. White fox

    White fox

    ..and then there are also those who left the Windows world because their new Mac was better. Even some of us are skilled programmers, but at least I don´t expect every Mac user to be a hacker. If you wan´t all the trouble you could ever ask for: Buy a Windows-only machine. Mac owners should not need to be hackers...
    How funny it must be to spread bullshit all over this forum, isn´t it?
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  5. hoju


    Some of us mac-former-windows users are, as you say, "skilled programmers".

    But even more importantly, some of us have a sense of humor... which in my experience is directly proportional to the validity of the "skilled" attribute.

    And some of us are just lonely whining curmudgeons who like to think they are skilled programmers.

    As old GW says, "History will be the judge".

    Some of us don't consider basic rational computer skills to fall under the definition of "hacker"...

    Some of us think the real bull feces are the humorless replies venting out in a rage-o-holic fashion for no apparent reason but to be rude and obtuse.
  6. Tom Ironcast

    Tom Ironcast Guest

    Thank you for your humorish post.. It caused "laugh-through-tears" within Support team, becouse many of your "problems" existing exactly the way you have described, but we are going to support any kind of Customers, either skilled "hackers" or complete newbies with same for both types tolerance.

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