HELP: Can't install Wndws XP on MacBook Pro.

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by cazuaga, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. cazuaga


    I created a VM, I put the XP cd in my mac's drive, I turned the VM on, it began to load windows, it asked me to press Enter ( I had to click on the VM's window thus disabling my mouse etc. ), it was seemingly installing. At the very next 'stage' of installation, the XP areement displays ( but only in part as one must scroll down or page down to see the rest of the agreement ). It then displays 3 command options and you are prompted to choose one of the three in order to proceed. 1) I agree = F8, 2) I disagree = escape, 3) next page = page down. Well.. here's where my trouble starts. Only clicking escape has any effect. I cannot agree and continue because F8 does nothing. I can't scroll in any direction because page down does nothing. No other key on my keyboard does anything. I can't continue to download XP. I am stuck. It will not respond. Please.. help.
    This happens with build 1940 and was happening with the previous build before I updated to that.
  2. kgregc


    Post details of your, host OS, keyboard/mouse.
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  3. sfuller


    Try holding down the "fn" key in the lower LH corner of your KB when you hit F8. That will make the MBP send the keystroke that windows expects to see, rather than the one the MBP normally sends when you use F8 (which normally toggles the keyboard backlight on/off).
  4. billaquino


    I had success usingthe fn key F8. Not sure if changing your keyboard preference will elminate that...check "use F1-F12 keys to control software features" will change the behavior favorably for you.

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