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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Keith Korner, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Keith Korner

    Keith Korner

    Hi been running Paralles for about a month or so. Upgraded to 3188 and now everything is slow but most importantly my shared folders don't work. Saw the thread about this but I have other things going on as well. the Coherence button does nothing. ( the main reason I even upgraded ) The main problem is the shared folders that was working perfectly before the upgrade. I think I have tried everything, short of uninstalling and reinstalling. In the manual it says nothing about what happens to all your data on the virtual machine. I assume it is all lost. Here are some of the things that are weird.

    1) Most of everything in the drop down menus are greyed out including everything under the Devices.
    2) The configration editor allows me to add delete ahred folders. have tried every combination of check boxes. I get a error message and am told to contact my network administrator when I try to access the old shortcuts that I put on the desktop. when I add a new folder or try to add a new shared location it doesn't even show up in the virtual machine.
    3) I use two programs on this. The primary program is Quickbooks pro manufacturing edition. It opens the company file, that is stored on the shared folder. It still works and opens but when I go to save or backup i get the error message.

    I have tried to contact parallels. yesterday the tech support line message told me that i was 5th in line. I had another call so had to call back and then the message was changed and now they are nnot taking calls. so I spent the 30 bucks for a per incident. that was yesterday afternoon. got an email reply from the CC company that processes the order but nothing from parallels. How long does it take???

    Before that I tried the free email support but couuld not recall my password so I requested that it be sent to me. Got nothing in my inbox so I can't even do that. Thus the 30 bucks. requested the password about 5 thimes now. maybe someon on here can help me. I am williing to pay to get this problem fixed. My business depends on it.

    Keith Korner

    feel free to call my office.
  2. darkone


    Try : Uninstall Parallels tools, shutdown the virtual machine, restart it, then reinstall the Parallels tools.
  3. nhunterjr


    Do shared folders work now?

    Hi Keith

    Just installed build 3188 on mac ibook. Seems to work ok including
    shared folders.

    Is yours working now?

  4. Hugh Watkins

    Hugh Watkins

    mac Menuu >> PD >> Devices >> Shared Folders >> Add

    always backup your stuff VM or not
    search the forums for a full explanation

    I type this 2 or3 times a day as a volunteer

    Hugh W
  5. Resolver


    Help from Parallels !!!

    Hello Keith !

    According to your problem description looks like you did an upgrade. However parallels tools did not install properly somehow because coherence mode does not work at all according to your words. Lets fix this first .

    To fix it we need to uninstall Parallels Tools in safe mode and install them again in normal mode. Also if you paid for a phone call, please call us on monday - we will be there. Also if you have any questions write e-mail to
    reply to this forum
    try to reach us via telephone

    Tools uninstallation
    to uninstall parallels tools left from previous Parallels installations or resulted from unsuccessful installation try.
    You will have to enter into SAFE MODE of your windows OS ( Push F8 button while it is loading - F8+fn key for macbooks ) . In safe mode go to start--- settings ---- control panel.--- add or remove programs - remove parallels tools . It will ask you to restart now --- hit yes !!!

    3 After windows will start Select Install Parallel Tools in the Parallels Desktop ACTIONS (VM) menu.

    4 You are warned about the necessity of having the guest OS fully started and being logged in: "You can install the Parallels Tools only if the guest operating system is running and you are logged in. If you are not logged in now, select Cancel and run Parallels Tools installation later." If you are logged in, click OK to start installing.

    5 Parallels Tools Setup wizard starts and greets you. Click Next to move to the Choose Destination Location screen. If you do not like the default directory, select another one using the Change button. Then click Next.

    6 On the Setup Type screen you should choose between the complete setup and a custom one. The complete setup installs all of the tools available for your guest OS. If you select custom setup, the Select Components screen asks you to select the desired tools from the tools available for your guest OS.

    7 Choose the program folder on the Select Program Folder screen, then the Check Setup Information screen displays the options selected. If they are correct, click Next to begin the installation.8 After the wizard copies tools, the Installation Completed screen asks if you want to restart the computer now. In all of the Windows guest OSes, except 98 and NT, you must restart the virtual machine after this setup procedure. Accept the selected option and click Finish. The virtual machine will be restarted and ready for work with the tools installed.

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