Help! Parallels Keeps RE-INSTALLING Kapersky!!

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by bushsucks, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. bushsucks

    bushsucks Member

    Hi, I'm having a very annoying problem.... after installing the bundled anti-virus package, Parallels seems to have gone crazy.

    Every single time I try to bring the OS out of suspension, Parallels takes it upon itself to begin installing Kapersky Security all over again... I even uninstalled the package manually... but it still begins a re-installation every single time I try to use Windows.

    What should I do to stop this??

    Thanks in advance guys...
  2. bushsucks

    bushsucks Member

    Anyone have any idea how to deal with this problem? Parallels support hasn't gotten back to me and I'm beyond disgusted over it all. Thanks...
  3. Ungenious

    Ungenious Member

    Install Avast Anti-Virus instead?

    It's free forever; once every 8 months or something you just have to re-register which is easier than signing up for a forum & you can use a trash e-mail addy.

  4. Ankou

    Ankou Guest

    Hello bushsucks
    I guess, you didn't eject iso image with Kaspesky Internet Security
  5. Leonard

    Leonard Member

    Yeah, what he said. If you have the CD/DVD pointed at the iso image for KIS or the Compressor or Tools images, then they will mount in the Windows VM and apparently autostart. Change your CD/DVD device assigment to the drive instead of an image.
  6. w7ox

    w7ox Hunter

    Thanks, Larry. Same problem here, but with the Parallel Tools Install "disk". Each time I started WinXp it wanted to "reinstall your already installed Parallel tools". And any real disk inserted took me into OS X.

    Reading your message gave me the clue to solving my problem. It now looks like I have Parallels 3 and OS X 10.4.10 operating happily together. Now I need to figure out why I upgraded from Para 2.5 :confused: -- perhaps for the experience.

    Great support on this forum!


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