Help Please, I want to MOVE my .pvs files etc.

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Robster, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Robster

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    When I loaded Parallels the first time I allowed it to store the .pvs files and save files etc in my Library folder and I put my .hdd file in my Documents folder (in a Parallels folder).

    Now that I am a little more experienced (2 days) I realise that this does not make for easy backups as criticals parts of the VM are in different locations.

    I would much rather everything was saved in my Documents folder as this gets far more frequest backups.


    How do I tells Parallels to put ALL the files associated with the VM into the one folder in documents.

    I have changed the default location in Preferences but this does not seem to have any effect on the VM I have already created.

    If I edit the VM I can do lots of thigs but NOT move where it stores these extra files.


  2. drtimhill



    It's pretty easy. Create a folder to put the VM in and move the .pvs file in there. Then, move the .hdd file also. Open PW and Edit the PVS configuration; PW will complain it cannot locate the .hdd file. Don't worry -- click on the Hard Disk 1 item in the left-hand list and then you will see a little "..." button to the right of the Image File setting. Click this and browse for the .hdd image file.

    You should be all set to go!

  3. macgebruiker


    I used the "Clone" function for that.
  4. drtimhill


    Does that now work when the .hdd file is not in the same folder as the pvs? Last time I tried (about 3 betas ago) it did not reconcile these files.

    If it now works, I agree, it's far easier just to clone.


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