Help with "No usable default provider could be found for your system."

Discussion in 'Parallels Provider for Vagrant' started by RickS15, Jul 1, 2024.

  1. RickS15

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    I'm running:
    • Parallel Desktop 19
    • MacOS 14.4.1
    • MBP M2
    I had installed Vagrant and got a succesful set up of a CentOS9 and Ubuntu 22.04 boxes. They were running great! I could get them to come up and connect, suspend them, etc.

    I started this because, for a project at work, one of the developers wants to switch from a docker development environment to a Vagrant development environment. After checking out the repo and trying to bring up the development machine (based on centos9), I'm not getting the error that parallels won't work as a provider and I need a valid provider (VirtualBox, VMWare, Hyper-V). Parallels isn't even listed as a provider?

    Specifying --provider=parallels doesn't help.

    The Vagrantfile for the repo has = "generic/centos9s" where I pulled my original ones from bento.

    The strange thing here is that I can no longer run my original Vagrant boxes and get the same error. How do I get by this? I've checked the metadata.json for the original boxes and they say "parallels".

    Very confused....
  2. RickS15

    RickS15 Bit poster

    Found the solution for my problem. When I ran the project from work, it tried to use docker and, somehow, the parallels plugin got removed. Reinstalled that and I'm back running.

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