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  1. simplegirl


    If anyone could help me, I'd really appreciate it. I am basically a glorified typist with a MAC in hand so please forgive my newbie-ness.

    My problem is this:

    I purchased the software today and got the email entitled, "Your Order with Parallel, Inc.," and clicked on the link to download the software. Got a "NOT FOUND" page with a huge string of URL stuff that looked like a mess to me.

    I'm at a complete loss as to what to do next. I emailed customer service and I hope I hear from them. I've been reading a bit in the forum and noticed some not-so-happy remarks about customer service so that kind of scares me. Don't want $90ish down the drain.

    Anybody have any assistance. I'd really appreciate it.



    Use your browser to go to Then go to the section called, "Parallels Desktop for Macintosh." Then you will see at the top that Parallels Desktop for Mac RC3 3170 is ready for download. Click on there, then click again on the message again to download the latest version to your Mac.

    When you have done that, go back to your email and see if they sent you a serial number. Then install 3170 and install the program and put in the serial number if requested.
  3. simplegirl


    Thanks, rbodman2. I downloaded it and began browsing the tutorials. Seems I made a huge blunder. Looks like I should have an Intel-based MAC and I don't. I have a PowerBook G4 (bought in 2004). Am I dead in the water or can I get a refund or what?

  4. Morgenl


    Parallels only works for IntelMacs :(. It will not run on your G4. You could try VMWare. They have a version for the PowerPC chips. Just be sure to get one which will run on your computer as VMWare also has a version for the IntelMacs.

    As for getting a refund, I can't promise anything, but if you email Parallels again and let them know you did not realize it does not run on your system they may help you out.
  5. joem


    You can try VMWare, or you can get a copy of Virtual PC free from Microsoft. You will need a copy of Windows (2000, XP) in either case. I would avoid Vista on a G4 unless you have a LOT of time to kill waiting for things to happen. You can expect everything to run six to ten times slower in Windows 2000 emulated on a G4 then on a similar program running native on the G4. (Or you can get an Intel Mac which is what I did -- I have a Macbook Pro sitting next to my Powerbook G4). XP will be a little slower, and Vista will crawl if it even installs.
  6. Uezi


    Alternatives for G4-Users:

    Maybe you can use Q which is based on QEMU but it will be slow (XP might even be useable but Vista (I tested beta2(?) on a 1.6 GHz single G5 and it was not usable)

    Maybe bochs (the open IA-32 Emulator) can help too but I didn't look into it for a while...

    Be warned: IT WILL BE VERY VERY SLOW...

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