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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Traj, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Traj


    I realize beta testing has all kinds of issues. I expect to see minor problems at this point. But in Beta 3, I can't eject a CD nor can I see hardware that I attach to the USB. Windows XP in other regards seems to run quite fast on my MBP, but my whole reason for needing Windows is to attach my GPS via USB.

    I've posted my concerns about the CD and USB, but haven't gotten any feedback from the forums whether mine is a unique problem or not. If I had some assurance that this is a recognized problem and would be cleared up, I would not hesitate to pre-order.


  2. RickMaddy


    USB support doesn't exist yet (as of PW 2.1b3). Parallels stated this in their release notes. It may be in the next release.

    Under Windows 2000 I have no problems ejecting a CD.

  3. sdlavergne


    I have seen several posts saying that they have problems ejecting in Beta 3. There were a few workarounds in those posts.

    I pre ordered. Right now I am already getting way more than $40 of functionality. If I wanted a straight XP install I would use bootcamp. But I want to run Outlook 2003 on my Mac desktop, and parallels is working great for that.
  4. wizzo


    I believe your expectations are unrealistic.

    Parallels is making magnificent progress in updating the beta. They are working around the clock. The software as it is now is magnificent and is getting better.

    I hate to see people complaining about things THAT ARE IN THE FAQ/RELEASE NOTES (ie: USB support not available yet) when these people are busting their humps for our platform of choice.

    If you can't put up with the bugs inherant with beta software, don't use it. These folks at Parallels are to be given kudos.
  5. lancetx


    I agree with you. Parallels is doing a fabulous job with this software. Is it perfect? No, not by a long shot, but compared to the junk (i.e. MS Virtual PC for Mac) we've had as the only alternative to running Windows over the years, I'm certainly not going to complain one bit. And I have been both surprised and very impressed by the fast response to issues by the Parallels team. It's amazing that in just one week they've progressed to Beta 3 already. They're definitely getting my $39.99 for their efforts and I can't wait to see how polished PW 2.1 is once it hits GM status.
  6. Traj


    Are you having a bad day? Don't take it out on me. I think it's a great program and I'd rather have this than Boot Camp any day.
    Forums are here to assist. Pardon me if I missed the something in the release notes.

    Now that I've been told (albeit tersely), I can live with it. Now I'll go stand in the corner.
  7. Manatee


    Just make sure it's a well-ventilated corner, so your MBP doesn't overheat. ;)

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