Hey Parallels... moderating posts is BAD FORM!

Discussion in 'Parallels Website and Forum' started by radvas, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. radvas


    I do my best to be helpful as this is supposed to be a community, but it annoys me greatly to be moderated for no reason at all. I understand that you need to be responsive to spam, be really... if every other web forum can manage without having to moderate user posts, you can too. Get in step with the rest of the web-world an allow registered users to post unmoderated.

    When you insist on iron-fisted control, it ceases to be a community. The decent quality of participation and support from Parallels folks on here is one of the main reasons I continue to use parallels. I own Parallels 3 and 4, as well as VMware fusion and workstation, so I have plenty of choices. This sort of nonsense feels like it's forcing my hand and taking away some of my choices.
  2. xtcweb


    I second that.

    It's totally annoying.

    Or as mentioned elsewhere
    The least you could do is excluding members with > X posts from the moderation ...
  3. Stephanie Booth

    Stephanie Booth

    Seconding that -- I just posted about a problem, and solved it in the meantime. I want to go and add information about the solution I found, but, guess what! My post isn't even live yet. Chances are I'll drift away and never amend it, which is kind of sad.
  4. eugenevdm


    I tend to agree with you. I have made hundreds of posts and now all of a sudden I am stalled every time I have an issue. This is causing me to waste extremely valuable time every time we have a problem.
  5. eugenevdm


    Every time I get told that my comment will be moderated I get redirected to an Index page? After spending an hour typing my prognosis I am forced somewhere else? Even if my comments are moderated I would really like to end up where I started, in the post that is pertinent to my problem. Please guys, sort this nonsense out! This forum has taken a step backwards.
  6. Ray Baron

    Ray Baron

    Agree with the moderation sentiments.

    Parallels ignores email to support so the forums are the only venue for help.

    Failing to approve a post (as mine from two days ago was; a simple request for information about modifying default/htdocs configuration) means I have no outlet for support with a paid product.

    Live and learn. Will go with DirectAdmin for all new servers.
  7. iTomac


    I think they moderate the forums to keep people from posting negative comments about the company and its products. If CNET and MacWorld Forums can allow postings to go live and their traffic is huge, this little set of forums certainly can too. I have never seen a moderated peer user support forum. This company is unresponsive to its customers. That doesn't instill confidence in Parallels
  8. cepheid

    cepheid Bit Poster

    Parallels, in a different thread I suggested a much better way for you to handle spam: by using a vBulletin plugin. There is a specific "Prevent Spam" plugin that auto-moderates only "suspicious" posts, leaving regular users unmoderated and able to carry on a conversation unfettered.


    Since 99% of spammers are posting links and are newly registered, you will eliminate almost all spam by setting the plugin to auto-moderate any post that includes [url, [email, or [img from any user with fewer than (say) 5 posts. You can also filter on other suspicious words like "nike," "wowgold," or whatever else pops up that isn't normal to a Parallels forum.

    Using this plugin will cut down YOUR work severely, because the number of false positives caught will be miniscule, while nearly all spam will be caught. Instead of moderating every post, you'll only have to delete spam and occasionally approve a false positive. YOUR work will be reduced, and OUR work will be much easier because we'll be able to carry on an unfettered conversation without having to wait hours or days for posts to be approved.

    What do you think?

    I don't agree. I've seen plenty of negative posts being approved.
  9. jimhermann


    True, but some negative posts do not get posted. I posted some messages about a slow moderator and they were not posted. There was nothing in the messages that was rude or vulgar.
  10. inCharge.co.uk


    Please either moderate these forums properly or switch off moderation.

    Firstly moderation is unnecessary for the reasons given above.

    Secondly, it is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE to leave the all posts unpublished all day (such as yesterday 4 Aug 2009) when we are trying to help each other work around all the bugs in your software. Posts must be published immediately (i.e. unmoderated) or within minutes.

    Maybe you would prefer it if we all went to an unmoderated forum on another site to discuss all the faults in Plesk which you are too busy to fix? Maybe we should buy our control panel software from a vendor who looks after their user base better?
  11. 64bithost.com

    64bithost.com Bit Poster

    Moderating posts is bad

    I second that.

    Why does it take two hours for my post to show up?
  12. akxak


    I strongly support the complaints here.

    I wrote an extensive post about "how I managed to migrate from 8.6 to 9.2.2" as the automatic procedures did not work at all, but the post did yet not appear.

    People cannot help each other by this strict moderation and this mutual help is necessary as Plesk is unfortunately known for serious problem when upgrading/migrating and the knowledgebase is in fact useless as long standing problems were still not addressed.
  13. Danashe

    Danashe Banned

    They don't want negative posts... like the one I'm trying to post about having to buy Parallels for the third time within a year because it doesn't work with Snow Leopard!
    They should take a clue from Apple and take good care of customers, who would respond with loyalty. I'm going back to Fusion.
  14. ronan675


    This really needs to be resolved. There are many far better ways of preventing spam as mentioned above. It is a joke having to wait 24 hours for your post to appear on the forum.

    Please Please do something about this.
  15. eugenevdm


    Please could I be exempted from being moderated in this forum.

    You will notice from the approximately 503 post I have done since 2003 I am a responsible member of this forum.

    Why I don't want to be moderated is because your clients often come here in their desperate hour. I have also often been here in desperation.

    Experts are able to provide us with instant support whereas without it they might be loosing many clients or even the reputation of their business. In such cases instantaneous support is essential.

    Just unlock me please and everyone else who has done over 500 posts.
  16. brettb


    I am not sure anyone is listening

    I was considering whether an moderation exemption for 500+ plus posts was a good idea since I have posted less than ten times with serious concerns or problems and I realized that there has been no response in this thread from anyone at parallels. They may not be listening.

    Of my ten posts four actually appeared although the delay was more than 48 hours for each.
  17. MattiR


    Are you serious??

    Really?? These forums are moderated?? Hmmmm... perhaps they are so busy doing as you say that they have neglected to activate the thread I posted.... been waiting all day
  18. MaximS


    Dear Users,

    1) The forum is free support resource and is aimed to help users to communicate with each other. The forum does not guarantee any responses from Parallels.

    2) Official support from Parallels is provided through Customer Service at http://www.parallels.com/support. Please, submit your tickets there, if you need to solve urgent questions.

    Maxim Sedelnikov
  19. TatianaZ


    Thank you for the feedback

    Hello everybody,

    Let's us divide this thread into 2 issues:
    1) moderation process itself;
    2) time that you have to wait till your posts will be approved.

    Each issues requires its own approach and solutions. Yes, we run moderation because we need to protect official Parallels forum from being place where every can spam or complain. I fully understand its inconvenience for you. And that is why thank you for the solutions you have offered above. I will pass them to appropriate persons (spam plug-in, unlock from moderation for XXX posts).

    Feel free to private e-mail me or place your feedback here or through webform at http://www.parallels.com/support/request/ >> Complain. It is checked on daily (business days).
  20. danliker


    why is my post deleted ?

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