Hi All! Access severely impacting host Mac performance

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by NộiT7, Dec 12, 2019.

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    MacBook Pro 6,1 2.66GHz Core i7, 8GB, upgraded to 500 GB SSD
    OS X 10.10.1 (updated to latest)
    Access 2.5.0 (updated to latest), loads at system start

    Symptoms included gradually diminishing performance between reboots, similar to that experienced during a memory leak, and incredibly long shutdown/restart times, where the spinner that appears during a shutdown/restart would persist for 30-40 minutes. Or more.

    Isolation efforts, based on using the Googler, included monitoring memory usage to confirm or debunk memory leak (debunked), running Onyx to clean up system and delete caches, cleaning out orphaned Parallels Desktop for Mac files, toggling between restore windows and don't restore windows during repeated restarts. None worked.

    Finally came across obscure reference to Access as distant possibility. Checked for updates to ensure it was latest, problem still persisted. Removed everything using CleanMyMac2. Problem solved. Restart times are now back in the ~5 second range.

    Reproducible. Happy to do so and send any logs or whatever to help isolate so you can fix. Until then, Access in no longer useable for me.
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    Hi. Seems you have encountered problems with perfomance. Try to read about increasing perfomance. Hope it will help you out.

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