How can I access my XP IIS web server from the Mac?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by rodrigo74, May 5, 2007.

  1. rodrigo74


    Hi there

    I installed IIS on my Windows XP virtual machine, and from Windows I can open the browser and go to http://localhost/default.aspx and see the default page, no problems. It also works when I replace localhost with the assigned Windows IP, which is (I'm using bridged networking).

    Now I would like to see this page from Firefox and Safari in my Mac, but it seems that it won't see Windows' IP. I tried to ping on the console and it won't find it.

    I tried to change to shared networking (then the IP became, but no success either.

    I wonder if anyone tried a similar task, and how it was solved? It _should_ be something simple to figure out, but I'm stuck! :confused:
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  2. Leauki


    Switch to bridged Ethernet, write down the VM's IP address, connect to that IP from Mac OS.
  3. rodrigo74


    Thanks for the reply, but that's what I've tried, I went to windows command prompt, typed ifconfig, got

    My Mac can't see this IP though, not even ping it.

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