How can I get a refund? How do I talk to a REAL person?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Kelsey_McClanahan, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. Kelsey_McClanahan

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    I purchased PD 10 upgrade bundle last week, and was unable to activate it. When I made the purchase off of the website, I clicked upgrade, went through the checkout process, and downloaded the image. No where did it say anything about the bundle only being valid for PD 8 or 9 before I made the purchase. I only found this out AFTER installing the software and trying to activate it.

    I went ahead and hit the 14 day trial button, hoping to find out how to purchase a full license in short order. The trial is crap. It only works for a certain amount of time and then the VM freezes asking to purchases a license or continue on with the 14 day evaluation. I've had enough of this nonsense after several days and wanted to purchase a full license so that it would go away. Problem is, I've sent in several requests -- and not a single person has every responded. I've looked through the Parallels web site for a phone number to resolve the issue, but cannot find one. How in the world do you get support?

    OK, so now I've moved on and upgraded my VMWare Fusion from 5 Pro to 7 Pro. I no longer have a need at all for my Parallels license and would like a refund. How do I make this request? If I don't receive a message within a couple of days I will just go ahead and have my credit card company dispute the purchase -- seems only reasonably since I cannot talk to a Parallels employee.

    Thank you, ---> Kelsey McClanahan
  2. Nikhil@Parallels

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    Hi Kelsey,

    Please refer the article mentioned below to know how to contact support for Parallels Desktop.

    Feel free to reach us any time for assistance.
  3. aced411

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    I hope you had better luck than I did. I had the same problem as you. Ticket submitted, 5 hours later and no one has even read it. I waited in line (position 1) for chat support for an hour. Parallels might have the fastest slickest vm software on mac, but the Customer service is atrocious.
  4. SergioA1

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    Good to see that I am not the only one pulling my hair out with the lack of support responses. I have 2 days left on my trial and I doubt I am going to get a response on time.

    I am a software developer and the VM is critical for my income. I will need to download a trial of VMWare Fusion 7 Pro to keep me online until support gets back to me to solve my activation problem, I see that they bundle support with the purchase of a license.

  5. aced411

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    I am a web developer myself so I completely understand. I was able to catch customer service by using chat in the late evening. You might try reaching during off hours.

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