How do I delete my Parallels Access Account?

Discussion in 'Account and Subscription Management' started by RahibA, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. MattR10

    MattR10 Bit poster

    here is the purchase order number 154578042
    it does not allow me to cancel the auto-renewal.
  2. Hi, it's you old payment, you've been charged at 26.11.18.
    According to the refund Policy we cannot refund it. BTW your subscription has been expired
  3. >>> Message has been deleted by the user <<<
  4. Hello, I would like my account deleted. Can you please perform this?
    Tanks and kind regards
  5. Hi, your system is terrible and to delete your account by a thread is embarrassing. Please delete my account ASAP.
  6. Hi, please sorry for the delay in response.
    Your account has been removed.
  7. darkk1

    darkk1 Bit poster

    Hey, I just want to know the procedure. Don't delete my account. :)
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  8. Hi, please check this KB article for more info.
  9. TomB29

    TomB29 Bit poster

    I am a trial access user as well. please delete this for me. I will continue to use parallels desktop.
  10. Nazeemabanu@P

    Nazeemabanu@P Moderator

    Hello @TomB29, Are you trying to delete/uninstall the 'Parallels Access' trial and would like to use 'Parallels Desktop for Mac'? If yes, please refer to these links - Parallels Access & Parallels Desktop. Thanks.
  11. hyuvials

    hyuvials Bit poster

    Hi, can you please cancel my trial, I don't need it anymore and I don't want to be charged for it after the trial is over.
  12. Bhargava

    Bhargava Bit poster

    Hello, please be informed that after 14 days of trial Parallels Desktop for Mac trial will automatically get canceled if not purchased. Thanks.
  13. lujain

    lujain Bit poster

    hello, i need to cancel my parallels subscription as it doesn't suit my needs I subscribed today but I wish to have a refund
  14. Bhargava

    Bhargava Bit poster

    Hello, we have sent you a private message. Please help us with your Parallels Desktop for Mac license key over there so that we can check this further. Thanks.
  15. norah4

    norah4 Bit poster

    hello, i no longer want Parallels, my Parallels 18 mac free trial ends in 10 days, but i do now want it, i've been trying to deactivate my account for days but unsuccessfully. Please deactivate my account, thank you.
  16. Avinash Bundhoo

    Avinash Bundhoo Staff Member

    Please follow the steps in this article to delete your account:
    If you are unable to, kindly provide us with the screenshot of the error message that you are receiving while trying to delete your account?

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