How do i fix Launch Error - Unsupported host machine architecture. (ARM64)

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by JumperC, Feb 13, 2021.

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    You are right! some offline games and no anti-cheat games(like Minecraft and steamVR)are running well on parallels desktop.Thank you for helping me!
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    Hi! Could you explain this solution in a little more detail? I thought Parallels was already emulating Windows.. Thanks!
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    Hello I'm trying to run Lost Ark and the moment the game starts, I got the message "
    Unsupported host machine architecture (ARM64).

    How did you all fix it?

    Thanks! EB1DF7DB-4BCD-4630-B37D-1FC90034F050.jpeg
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    Well, that's the neat part. We don't.
    Easy AntiCheat wants to check your hardware and make sure everything's legit. But it's currently only designed for the Windows x86 or x86_64 hardware architecture. Because Macs use the newer ARM and ARM_64 architectures, the program trying to check your hardware just has a fit. Sometimes you can uninstall it (note: you must install every single instance of the app--each app that requires EAC put a copy of the app within its program files), but most games with this issue require it to start. Usually, if you delete all the instances of Easy AntiCheat, it will say that there's an error and some script returned null because it does not exist.

    Ideally there should be a workaround on all Parallels systems that deletes Easy AntiCheat and just returns the "all good here" script response, at least until EAC updates to support ARM architectures.

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