how do i get rid of control center window on startup -- version 103

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  1. Straitsfan

    Straitsfan Junior Member

    just installed version 10 today; works fine, except that when I start it I get a little control center window with my VM name, I click on the power button and it starts the VM; with version 9 I would start parallels; and I would get a window with the name of my VM in it; I would simply start the machine and it would boot up. Now I have two icons in my desktop -- one for parallels and one for the VM I'm using.

    Is there anyway to just start parallels and not have to click on the nome of the vm in the control center window? I'd just like it to open/start the way ti did before.
  2. Abdul@Parallels

    Abdul@Parallels Parallels Support

    Hi Straitsfan,

    By default the Parallels Desktop Control Center will be displayed when you click on Parallels Desktop application icon from the Dock or from Applications folder.
    But you can try pinning your Virtual Machine to the Dock which will not automatically display the Control Center when running the Virtual Machine.

    To have the Virtual Machine pinned to Dock :
    Start the Virtual Machine through the Parallels Desktop application (as usual), the running Virtual Machine will be displayed on the Dock. Right click on the VM icon on the Dock -> Options -> Keep in Dock.

    Now you can quit Parallels Desktop application and direct start your VM by selecting the VM icon from the Dock without opening the Parallels Desktop Control Center.
  3. ZivHen

    ZivHen Bit poster


    Hi Abdul, This fix doesn't work :-(

    Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 14.01.52.png

    As you can see above, I added the VM to the dock but after starting it, I now have three icons:

    Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 14.02.16.png

    (The top one is the pinned icon, the middle one is the control center and the third one is the actual VM)

    I wish you'd add an option to remove the control center. It's useless for most people who probably only have just one VM. It's also less convient to have one more icon when you do cmd+tab and it's just more troubles to quit parallels. In PD9 it was a lot better...
  4. John_Brenner

    John_Brenner Bit poster

    What a useless feature to have that control center window sitting on your desktop for no apparent ease of use feature
    Solution worked for me...
  5. JamesH1

    JamesH1 Bit poster

    +1 for a really annoying "feature" please get rid of the Control Centre asap. I only work in ONE vm. The Control Centre is pointless and once closed please stay closed!!

    I already have just the one VM make as 'keep in dock' but the super annoying "Control Centre" still pops up. Hate it.
  6. RamyaS

    RamyaS Product Expert

    Hi All,
    Parallels Desktop Control Center is one of the new feature included with the design of Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac , it is replaced and combined the Virtual Machine List and the Security Center.
    Using Parallels Desktop Control Center you can access your virtual machine's Configuration( so you can edit your Virtual Machine's Configuration settings before you start it ), Start and Stop your virtual machine.
  7. JohnK1

    JohnK1 Bit poster

    I don't care what Parallels thinks is better. The control center sucks. Get rid of it or it'll be a "pro" on vmware's list of pros and cons.
  8. RamyaS

    RamyaS Product Expert

    Hi johnK1,
    We can submit a feature request, to have an option to close/disable Parallels Control Center , so it will not pop-up when you work with Parallels.
  9. ChrisC1

    ChrisC1 Bit poster

    Please, for the love of God, get rid of the constant pop-up/focus of the Desktop Control Center window.
    Worst. Feature. Ever.
  10. LuisC2

    LuisC2 Bit poster

    Totally agree. Please make it go away! With 1 VM, it is redundant and annoying.
  11. WolfgangK1

    WolfgangK1 Bit poster

    Yes, utterly useless that Control Centre. Have to say I regret having upgraded to the latest version - the UI seems quite convoluted now.
  12. EvandroM

    EvandroM Bit poster

    I just followed the suggestion of opening Parallels by clicking on the desired virtual machine's icon in the dock instead of using the Parallels icon. That worked for me. I did not see the annoying Control Center window when opening or when changing from other apps to Parallels. the control center did not show even when changing apps using command+tab and going to the parallels icon instead of the virtual machine's one.
    Here is my environment: Parallels 11.0.2, OS 10.11.1.

    My steps:
    1) opened the virtual machine I wanted - Windows 7;
    2) right clicked the Windows 7 icon on the Dock and selected options > Keep in dock;
    3) right clicked the Parallels icon on the Dock, selected options, and unchecked Keep in dock;
    4) closed Parallels;
    5) opened the virtual machine by clicking the Windows 7 icon on the dock.

    After that, no more Control Center popping up :)

    Note that the Parallels icon will still show up on the dock when the virtual machine is open (as it runs inside Parallels). Just ignore it. If you click on the Parallels icon the control center will show up. If so, close the control center, click on the virtual machine's icon again, and just ignore the Parallels icon once more.

    I will post again if the old behavior comes back.
  13. Mastah-C

    Mastah-C Bit poster

    This doesn't work for me...I still have two icons in my dock (see attached)...Is there a solution for this? I find having the Parallels Desktop Control Center just floating there to be useless too. Why would I use that when I can just use the menu bar on the top of the screen? If it automatically quit after I started my Windows, then I could see that being more sensible. However, I'd rather just be able to click right on my virtual machine and only have it pop up Windows. It's also a pain cause when I use CMD + Tab to switch through different programs, I see an additional icon for Parallels...Again, not very necessary. Can this please be removed? What's the logic behind this? Thanks!

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  14. MikeB4

    MikeB4 Bit poster

    Agreed! This "feature" is SO ANNOYING. I've hated it (with a passion) ever since it came up in an earlier version. Every time I see it I have an instant urge and desire to get rid of it, so it's a constant frustration. I've had thoughts of trying out other VM products because of it. I've clicked on Control Center numerous times in the hopes that it did anything at all useful, but it doesn't do anything useful. It's just annoying.

    There was an easy way previously for multiple OS users to get to their operating system of choice, so why did Parallels implement something so stupid and annoying as Control Center?

    It's so Windows-esque - using crazy logic that isn't in line with the way people use their computers.
  15. MarqueIV

    MarqueIV Junior Member

    Add me to the list. This really effing pisses me off! There is *NEVER* a case where clicking on an icon for software automatically opens essentially a document in that software. That's like starting Word and having it always open the last document you used, even if you planned on starting a new one.
    Even more frustrating, they already have a 'Startup' options feature of a VM that lets you say 'Open this when Parallels starts' that even has a 'Never' option, which I have select. You know what *isn't* 'never'.... EVERY %#@@ TIME!!!!!!!
    And this is even if your VM is completely shut down and closed. It still pops open the VM's window asking me to start it.
    FIX THIS!!! This is enough to make me want to cancel my multiple subscriptions to Professional and switch over to Fusion.
    That said...
    I'm wondering if this has to do with only having one VM defined. On a different machine where I have several, I don't remember seeing that, but on this new machine where I only have one, it happens all the time.
    Still, clicking the Parallels Icon should open the Parallels window, not the VM window. Don't try and be 'convenient' for me. It isn't. If I want an icon for the VM, I'll turn that feature on. If I don't, I won't. But I NEVER want clicking the Parallels icon to bring up a VM.

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