How do I use Parallels Access to access my Mac?

Discussion in 'Accessing your Mac' started by Andrew@Parallels, Aug 27, 2013.

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    If you haven't installed and set up your Parallels Access, please see this Getting Started thread.

    Once Parallels Access is installed, follow these easy steps to add your Mac:

    1. Launch Parallels Access app on your iPad
    2. On your computer open an internet browser (Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other) and go to

    3. Log in to your Parallels Account with user name and password

    Need help logging on or forgot your password, visit KB 116181

    4. Download and install Parallels Access Agent to your computer

    On a Mac:
    * Click on "for Mac" icon
    * Download Parallels Access.dmg file to your Mac
    * Double-click on Parallels Access.dmg file and then double-click Install
    * Enter your Mac password when prompted
    * Wait till installation is complete

    * Parallels Access Agent will start automatically and show "Accessible" status
    * If the Parallels Access Agent fails to login to your Parallels Account automatically, you may want to enter your Parallels Account manually

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