How much HD space do I need?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ben, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. ben

    ben Bit poster

    I'm getting a new MacBook to run Parallels and XP Pro, and wondered how much HD space I should plan on setting aside for Windows? I only have a few Windows-only applications (less than 1 GB with data). I just wonder if the 60 GB white one is big enough, or if I should spend the $200 and get an 80GB black one, or just upgrade the white one to a bigger HD? I'm currently using about 45 GB on my current PB that I'd be switching over.
  2. constant

    constant Forum Maven

    I have 6 Gb allocated to Parallels running XP(they say pro). With OpenOffice, Acrobat, Power Voice, anti virus, anti spy, and few other small things, I have about 800 Mb available.
  3. alkalifly

    alkalifly Hunter

    Just don't forget that Mac OSX likes to have lots of free space on the boot volume for writing swap files. So, when you are making your calculations based on how much space things take up, definitely consider "free space" as something important to allocate for. I try to keep at least 10 GB free on my boot volume; anything less than this and I notice certain processes slowing down.

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