How Php Classified Script Is Beneficial to Start Your Business

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    Php Classified Script is a creative platform, ideal for blogs and niche website planning to establish classified website. Further our classified script comes with admin console to control day to day classified website operations. There is no need of technical knowledge to operate this classified script. This script is user friendly, SEO friendly, easy to access and manage. It comes with option to start free or paid packages further there are lot of classified ad enhancements also available. You can set packages, change validity, change price from admin. Further there is Invoice area for users to handle billing, all comes integrated with payment gateway.

    Php Classified Script handles unlimited categories & levels, You can add categories from admin easily. Further each category can be optimized for good SEO results.

    It understands the importance of integrating the banner. It comes with complete set of features to integrate the same. PHP Classified Script comes with complete banner manager from the admin, You can add any third party banner networks which includes Google AdSense.

    It comes with packages manager where you setup the packages as required
    may it be ad posting packages or enhancement packages.

    PHP Classified Script comes with complete admin console. It can handle logos, content, navigation, categories, ad auditing, packages, invoices & lot of housekeeping features. Everything is easy to use and you can learn in few minutes & there is no prior technical knowledge required to handle your business operation.

    It able you to handle locations from the admin, you can setup state, city or country to your likes.

    Some Attractive Features Of This Classifieds Script
    • It has nice layout.
    • There is Easy Navigation.
    • Clean URL's which make Search Engine Friendly Classifieds.!
    • It has feature of User Approval/ Editing/ Removal of Classifieds via Email.
    • Clean Administration Interface.
    • Highly Targeted Advertising to earn profits, which can be edited from admin area.
    • You can Tell-A-Friend/ Print/ Contact Seller Features.
    Classifieds Script Requirements
    • Web server with PHP installed.
    • MySQL Database.
    • Some method to insert Database Queries for initial setup.
    • htaccess support for the clean URL system.
    • Small understanding of work with configuration files to setup the script, Instructions Included.


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