How to communicate between VM's

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  1. Bit Poster

    Hi all,

    Is there a way to make two VM's communicate either using host networking or (preferentially) using the physical connection ?

    I have not been able to make it work ? Am i missing something ?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. abanks


    Are you on a network?

    For example mine at home is:
    Mac -
    Windows -
    Linux -

    So i can mount drives from on each have multiple webservers and database servers etc
  3. Bit Poster

    I most definetely know that I am !

    I guess that i am.

    I'm a dual certified Cisco CCIE so my answer to that particular question is most definetely yes :)

    But are you trying to tell me that there should be no issues communicating between two VM (and the host operating system) eiher bridging or sharing a physical connection ?

    Best Regards,

  4. abanks


    Using a bridged network each VM and your mac gets a unique IP address from your DHCP server assuming you have one.

    For example on my windows xp i can share the C drive for use on my windows 2003 VM,

    on the win 2003 i just map a drive to the C on XP i.e \\\C
  5. jbh001


    Are you saying that telling the VM to look for a computer at 192.168.1.whatever does not show your Mac and all the VMs currently running? Works for me. On the Mac side I have Windows Sharing turned on, and use Shared Networking within Parallels to provide NAT. On the Windows side I have File Sharing enabled.

    What am I doing right that you're not?
  6. dkp


    All VM's using bridged networking are network peers on your LAN. All you need is to open up any firewalls you have, ensure each VM's netmask is appropriate, and that the assigned IP's are inside any subnetting bounds you have in place.

    If you use DHCP that is provided from an external source then that needs so be willing to offer multiple IP's to a single MAC address.

    When I run Solaris in a VM, for example, with bridged networking, I can use ssh, ftp, telnet, http, rsync, etc. from any node on my local net to communicate with Solaris just as if it were a stand-alone system.

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