How to create Mountain Lion VM?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Guest OS Discussion' started by LynnO, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. LynnO


    Version 7 has been working fine for me hosted on 10.8.2.

    I need to create a Mountain Lion VM for testing, but when I run the 'Install OS X Mountain' it always stalls when trying to reboot. I'm wondering if this might work in Version 8, and it would be nice to get some of the missing features (e.g. copy and paste between host and OSX guest).

    1. Is there a way to create a Mountain Lion guest using v.7?
    2. Is this more likely to work for me in v.8?

    I've spend some time browsing the forums here, and I didn't find anything that shouted, "Don't Upgrade Yet." I also didn't find anything about the VirtualizationSDK, so I'm pursuing this in another thread.

    Thanks for any help...
  2. Ray Waggoner

    Ray Waggoner

    v.8 supports Mountain Lion. Install from InstallESD.dmg. ML image.
  3. Specimen

    Specimen Product Expert

    InstallESD.dmg is inside the 'Install OS X Mountain' (you have to press 'Show Package Contents' from the right click menu).

    You can use either v.7 or 8 to do install it, it will work on both.
  4. ErichL


    ML VM needs more video RAM

    I'm running a Mountain Lion VM on Parallels v7 right now, at first with the default VM hardware settings it was hanging at boot before the installer even loaded.

    I set CPU's to 2 (not sure if this mattered) and under Hardware> Video increased the video memory from the default of 32MB to 128MB, this allowed me to finally boot and run the installer.

    My host OS is currently Lion (10.7) as well.
  5. stevenjklein


    Thanks to ErichL, I was able to get the Mountain Lion installer to boot under Parallels 7. A little experimentation showed that the video memory can be left at 32MB. The key is to set the CPUs to 2. That enabled the installer to boot normally.

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