How to Easily Upgrade to 5 9130 (Especially Tools Install)

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by Ricardo Toronto, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Ricardo Toronto

    Ricardo Toronto

    I had problems installing 5 upgrade 9130 particularly with the tools install which repeatedly failed.

    After a restore from a clone (ALWAYS clone your boot drive before an upgrade), I tried this which works fine ( I have done it three times on 2 clones then my boot drive):

    1. Go to your applications folder.

    2. Trash the 3 Parallels programs - Parallels, Transporter and Image Tool apps. The latter 2 are in the Parallels folder while the Parallels Desktop app is in the applications folder.

    3.Install the 9130 package from the 9130.....etc., DMG file.

    4.Start your VM (e.g. Windows) Parallels Tools will auto install. LET IT install which takes a lot longer than you'd think (a LOT).

    5. Restart the VM

    It works. As long as you only trash the app files your license and so forth survives the install just fine.

    6. Finally empty the trash (the 3 Parallels app files).

    Installing over existing Parallels leads to horrible results and this version unlike the last one doesn't want to install within your VM session which is kind of inconsistent.
  2. Shaddam IV

    Shaddam IV

    I didn't notice that. Installing 9310 over an existing 9308 worked flawlessly for me.
  3. Ricardo Toronto

    Ricardo Toronto

    Then obviously it was not advice meant for you. Frankly 9308 to 9310 was terrible, tools failed to install and I had to restore from a clone. Others here report failure for tools to install. Advice is meant for people who have problems and not the peanut gallery per se.

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