How to install Windows 11 (retail version) [read post #48 first]

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Apple Silicon (M1) Mac' started by MichaelH63, Nov 6, 2021.

  1. SteveK15

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    Im in the same boat QB 2018 Canadian version ... will not work on Win11. If you get it going on Win11, i am interested in how.
  2. DirkB12

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    It all worked perfectly! Thanks. I created the ISO on my Mac. No problems. Windows runs flawlessly!
  3. StuartM13

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    Well, today I loaded up Parallels/Windows on my MBP, and now Windows is back to saying "Activate Windows" in the bottom right corner. I go back to activate it again, put in my key that worked before (Win Home 10 I purchased from Dell) and now it says I can't use that key, even though it used to work. So what has changed now?
  4. StuartM13

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    Ok, on a hunch, because it now says Windows 11 Enterprise...I put in the Windows 11 Education key that wouldn't work before (and the reason I had to buy the Windows 10 Home Key) and now the Win11 Education key works and has activated. Makes no sense of course, but whatever.
  5. lojustwier


    Thanks for the advice at post #48. I was able to install Windows 11 ARM smoothly and upgrade it from Home to Pro using a Pro retail key.
    (Note: There was some irritating messages at activating and upgrading Windows, but they went away after one round of restarting Windows.)
  6. DebasmitaM@Parallels

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    Hello, we are happy to hear your issue got fixed. Please reach us back for any further queries.
  7. JustinSurpless

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    So I just downloaded Parallels today on my Mac Studio and it tried to install Windows 10... as expected, I was told that it's not compatible with M1.
    It then proceeded to install Windows 11 - is it not the ARM version?
  8. DebasmitaM@Parallels

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    Hello, Windows 11 has ARM processor only. Are you facing an issue installing Windows 11?
  9. Harry12

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    Hallo Leute,

    Ich habe ein Problem und brauche Hilfe.

    MacBook Air M1 Version 12.5; Parallels Version 16

    1.) Windows 11 home, Build 22000.832, stürzt beim Update KB5016629 (Build 22000.856) ab, blauer Bildschirm (siehe Anhang), automatische Reparaturversuche bleiben erfolglos und auch alle anderen vorgeschlagenen Optionen. Selbst eine Reparatur mit sfc/scannow vor dem Update hatte nicht geholfen. Kann nur auf einen Snapshot zurückgesetzt werden und dann Updates vorläufig aussetzen.

    In Insider Preview(DEV) gewechselt (Build 22622.440). Beim Update (10.0.22622.575) KB5016694 auch Absturz, mit dem Unterschied, dass die automatische Reparatur klappt und zu Windows zurückkehrt, jedoch ohne das Update zu installieren.

    2.) Windows 11 pro(stammt noch aus den Anfangszeiten und keine Lizenz), Build 22000.318, beim Update KB 5016629 Absturz, aber wie im Insider, Rückkehr zu Windows ohne Installation Update und ohne Probleme.

    Liegt das an der älteren Version von Parallels oder kann ich das selber beheben? Ich will natürlich die normale Home Version weiterhin nutzen.

    Vielen Dank im Voraus
  10. Harry12

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    And the same again in English

    Hello guys,

    I have a problem and need help.

    MacBook Air M1 version 12.5; Parallels version 16

    1.) Windows 11 home, Build 22000.832, crashes during update KB5016629 (Build 22000.856), blue screen (see attachment), automatic repair attempts remain unsuccessful and all other suggested options. Even a repair with sfc/scannow before the update had not helped. Can only be rolled back to a snapshot and then temporarily suspend updates.

    Switched to Insider Preview (DEV) (build 22622.440). During the update (10.0.22622.575) KB5016694 also crash, with the difference that the automatic repair works and returns to Windows, but without installing the update.

    2.) Windows 11 pro(still comes from the early days and no license), build 22000.318, during the update KB 5016629 crash, but as in the insider, return to Windows without installation update and without problems.

    Is this due to the older version of Parallels or can I fix it myself? Of course, I want to continue to use the normal home version.

    Thank you in advance

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  11. RobertW1

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    This won't exactly help you, but I've had 22000.856 since Feb '22, and Parallels 17.1.4, working fine. So it's not that combination that is giving you problems but something else. Good luck.
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