HUGE PROBLEMS Parallels 8 and Windows!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Robster, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. marksteudel


    This worked for me, no problems now!
  2. sneadm

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    Same issues in iMac

    I have similar issues with iMac and W7. Quicken and Quickbooks windows are fine until I go into Coherence and try to display them full screen on secondary monitor. If I go full screen on the primary, they are fine, when I drag them to the secondary they are fine until I hit maximize, then they disappear. Just barely visible flicker on the edge when they open, but no part of the screen. Have to turn off coherence to get back to them.
  3. JesperV


    Brand new super charged macbook pro, retina display + external thunderbolt, parallels 8 and win 8 and ready to rock and roll... But... It is more or less useless. While some fonts have normal sizes others appear to be down-scaled and others up-scaled and all within the same programs. Quite annoying and leaves the setup more or less useless. I mostly use parallels for running MS Offics apps (Sharepoint, Visio, Project) and now have to fall back to my previous gen macbook with Parallels 7 and win 7. Very annoying.

    Does anybody have a solution for the Parallels 8/Win 8 setup? There doesn't seem to be the display options that have been mentioned for win 7 and xp.
  4. serv

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    In PD 8.0.18305 and above retina resolution option UI has changed. To disable retina set Configuration > Hardware > Video > Resolution to Scaled.
  5. JesperV



    Excellent - that did the job! Thanks!

    In coherence mode my windows applications (Office) does appear somewhat less responsive on my new setup (macbook pro retina/parallels 8/win 8) than on my old setup (macbook pro previous gen/parallels 7/win 7). From a pure productivity point of view my old setup is far better than the new one and even provides a better rendering of text. But now that I've got the new setup I'm gonna use it - but I'm not overly exited. It's hard for me to say who to blame - some combination of Apple/Parallels/Microsoft.

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