I have working RS-232 serial...

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by eudyptes, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. eudyptes


    ...wel, sort of.

    I wrote a small program called "SerialClient" that connects to a named socket that Parallels creates and passes the data through a Keyspan USB to serial adapter to an RS-232 device.

    SerialClient can also log the transfered data so you can analyse the serial protocol.

    You can download SerialClient from: http://eudyptes.com/SerialClient.php

    Note that this is still beta software. Usual disclaimers apply.
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  2. tacit_one

    tacit_one Kilo Poster

    Wow ! eudyptes, that's really cool !
    I saw a lot of guys here requesting this feature!
    I'm sure they will be really interested.
  3. eudyptes


    New version posted that should fix a reported crasher when clearing the data log.

    This one should also allow faster transfers of serial data when logging is enabled.
  4. jonrobs


    Cool program, for anyone who wants to use a USB RS232 adapor from within XP the iConcepts PDA Serial to USB Adapter works real well.
  5. Henry-In-Florida

    Henry-In-Florida Bit Poster

    Thanks for this. I've been having a ridiculous amount of difficulty getting several USB->Serial adapters to work.

    Of course, as Murphy would have it (since he CAN), I need it to work immdeiately and there's no time and, and, and...
  6. twoangstroms


    Yeah, I'm trying everything, but nothing's working... trying to get an Ergomo Pro (http://ergomo.net) to connect to WinXP SP2 under Parallels using the recommended Keyspan USB/serial adapter. I tried it without the Keyspan software, with it installed in XP, with it installed in XP and OS X both; under both conditions I've tried with /eudyptes' Serial Client, tried COM 1 and COM 3 -- I'm getting really frustrated here. I admit I don't know anything about COM ports, but could someone give me a hand?
  7. andythornton


    I have a USB/serial converter with a Prolific chipset that works great on a WinTel machine. So far, I can't get it to work under Parallels on a MBP17. It shows up under device manager but VM shows all COMx as greyed out. It did respond slightly to the buttons of a serial mouse but only the right click and not correctly at all.
    Would your little applet solve my issue please?
  8. haralds


    Cool! I wonder, whether there is a way to provide HID driver pass through in a similar way...
  9. robandpat


    I have an Iogear serial to usb adapter that is working fine so far, I am able to connect to the 2 medical devices I use (apnea) and download the data. I was unable to load a driver for a usb Infineer card reader (driver from Mako Tech.)Get the error code 10 on that one.Other than that, all is well so far, Haven't tried printing yet


  10. powell


    Thank you for creating this tool, great work. My Kespan USB serial adapter now works, but sadly, the serial device I am trying to use still has issues. In the log, they are definitely communicated, but for some reason, it still won't "recognize" the serial device (there is a dongle in the serial cable I am using).

    So, unfortunately for me, it looks like the socket-based serial port doesn't allow the proper identification for the dongle. Works fine with the Keyspan in Bootcamp.

    Alas. Thanks again for the work! I can get it to work with standard serial devices.
  11. Menace

    Menace Bit Poster

    I am not such an computer freak - that`s why I must ask this:

    1.) Could this app solve the USB 2.0 problems in Parallels?
    2.) Macintosh IOKit serial ports - what`s that? Does a Macbook Pro have it?
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  12. polpo


    This is working great for me with a cheap USB-Serial adapter (this one) with the PL-2303 chipset and the Universal drivers from Prolific's site.

    One question, though. I'm looking at Bluetooth GPS receivers. They're supposed to use a simple serial port profile. Does anyone know if this will show up in SerialClient's list of serial ports?
  13. farshad


    Yes! I got it working with a Bluetooth GPS and Eudyptes' Serial Client. I have a Belkin GPS (F8T051), and I bought Microsoft Streets and Trips 2006, which offers GPS navigation and driving guidance. I installed MS Streets and Trips on XP in Parallels, and on Mac OS X, added the Belkin GPS as a bluetooth device. It added it as "BelkinGPS-SPPslave-1".

    I then ran the Serial Client, and mapped Stream Path "/tmp/serial" to the serial port "BelkinGPS-SPPslave-1" (which was in the drop down). 115200/8/None/1/None.

    I launched Parallels, and set up a new serial device. I set up the socket "/tmp/serial", with Parallels as a server.

    I launched the VM, I hit connect on Serial Client, and then launched Streets and Trips. I configured a GPS receiver, chose "COM1", and voila! it worked!

    It seems to work great, but I haven't been able to try it while driving around yet (I'll need a destination and a passenger).
  14. henrib


    serial client allows me to use a Holux GR230 bluetooth GPS with winXP on parallels.
    thanks:) :) :) :)
  15. bhagiratha


    Hey Henri,
    How did you get your Holux receiver to work with XP on parallels. can you please give some more details on the steps you took.

    I have a bluetooth Holux GR-231 GPS, but can't seem to make it work using "serial client"

  16. unithom


    I created another thread here but thought I would reference it in this thread.

    With my USA49 4-port USB to serial adapter, I tried using SerialClient to only share port 3 with the guest OS (XP Pro.) However as soon as I hit 'connect' I got a report from my PowerChute (UPS monitoring) software that it had lost contact with the UPS on port 2.

    Is there any chance that serial ports could be split between OSes using this program? Or should I be thinking about doing this in another way?

  17. henrib


    first of all, your BT GPS must work with your mac, for me, it works well with GPSnavX, in bluetooth mode.

    - When lunching SerialClient, you should have in the Serial Port menu something like "HOLUXGR-231-SPPslave-1". select it.
    Keep Stream Path to "/tmp/serial".

    - Turn On your GPS then hit "connect" on SerialClient.
    This should connect your GPS to your mac in Bluetooth mode (the bluetooth icon on the upper right side of the screen turns transmitting mode).

    - In parralels property page, check that the serial 1 (or create another serial if you want) is linked to /tmp/serial in server mode.
    Depending on the software you are using on win side, you will have perhaps to reduce the baud rate of SeialClient to lower value than 115200.
    I have successfully tried with GPS viewer from holux (at 115200 baud).

    And voilà, it works great for me.

    If you are not able to connect SerialClient to your GPS (when clicking the connect button, nothing seems to append) turn off then on your GPS. It makes the GPS detectable for the mac (it was the first problem I had when trying to connect it).

    I hope this can solve your problem, :)
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  18. bhagiratha


    That works for me .... thanks a million.
  19. petro

    petro Bit Poster

    I can't say how useful your little app has been. Thanks again for taking the time to write it. I've been spamming the forums responding to everyone trying to get serial devices to work to try out your app.

    Now if someone could tell me a trick to get it to work with my Apple USB modem so I could use it to dial from a Door Security app in Windows I'd be set!
  20. Ainvar


    I got the Sony Bluetooth GPS (VGP-BGU1) working with this nice little serial app. Thanks!!!! Maybe Parallels can use your nifty technology to make things work smoother with there software.

    I am hoping that they can get USB 2.0 or something close to it working well within Parallels.

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