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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Sledneck, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Sledneck


    Paralles for mac works great for me on my new Imac. Running XP. My fax software, and the NON supported Dell printer with network scanning works too :)
    I also purchased the DVI to VGA adapter from apple and I have a second monitor hooked up where I keep XP running at all times. I upgraded to 1GB of memory, This machine screams past any PC that I have ever owned.
  2. zaph


    I agree whole heartedly. For my purposes it's still beyond anything I'd hoped that we'd be seeing for years in this area of Mac software, and I haven't run into anything that I need to be able to do on Windows that I couldn't yet.

    (The "this is amazing!" vs "feature X has a problem" seem to have dried up a bit lately, just wanting to make sure that new people know that there are lots of people who the software is working great for so they can relax their jaw awaiting the problems)
  3. veggiedude


    My USB headset doesn't work with PD, but the workaround is just to use the Mac version of Skype to receive customer calls, so on one monitor I have Skype and Yahoo IM, and on the other I run all the PC apps (mainly Internet Explorer) which I need to do my job.

    Works fantastic!
  4. gosh


    I agree - it is shockingly good! Not that I've ever used Virtual PC or any Parallels Workstation before, just it was easier to set-up and run and more reliable than I ever thought possible.
    I think this GA release has silenced the debate over Boot Camp. Parallels Desktop puts Windows XP (or other OS's) in the appropriate place on a Mac - subordinate!
    I added GB RAM to my iMac and gave 512MB to XP.
    Only negative is the need for simplified 'typical' user guide for general users.

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