I want to put larger hard drive in my MacBook Pro

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by Moondougie, Jul 30, 2007.

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    I currently have a 100 GB internal drive with 2 partitions, one for Mac OS and the other a Boot Camp partition with XP Pro (which Parallels uses as well)

    I want to replace my internal drive with a larger one and I know I can backup and restore the Mac partition to the new drive, using SuperDuper!

    How do I go about backing up and then restoring my Windows XP drive on the Boot Camp partition (to the new, larger hard drive I want to put inside my MacBook Pro)?

    Thanks in advance for any advice on how to accomplish this!
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    If you built the Boot Camp partition on top of a Parallels VM then I would think you could just use a free app like Superduper to make a complete copy of your hard drive. I just put a 160GB drive in my system this weekend. I don't use Boot Camp but I did back up both the MAC OS and the Windows XP system (running on top of Parallels VM) with Superduper and it worked very well.
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    I don't believe that this is the case, unfortunately. SuperDuper! will back up VMs on your Mac HD because they are simply files. It cannot backup and restore Boot Camp files, which live on a different partition and use a different filesystem.

    I use SuperDuper! to back up my MacOS partition (including VMs) and Winclone to back up my Boot Camp partition.

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