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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by shart1, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. shart1

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    i have istalled parallel 3 with with windows xp. i have installed on windows the "internet information services" (iis)

    i want to call webserver iis from mac trougth Safari (while paralles is open)

    Can i?

    is it possible?
  2. Eru Ithildur

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    Yes. The easiest is probably via bridged networking. Check the manual, if you are playing with webhosting you should be able to take it from there with the manual and the search tool.

    If you know what you are doing, take a look at ipfw and natd configs if using shared networking is vital to you. There are also some GUI tools out there to configure the above, I know there has been reference to them on this forum, I just use command line for natd and ipfw myelf...
  3. dkp

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    Find out what the IP of the Windows guest is and add that to your OS X /etc/hosts file, along with a host name you'd like to use for the Windows VM. When that is done you should be able to type in http://hostname/ and see your IIS. Hostname being what ever you put in the host table.

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