Impossible to create VM on PD running on AMD Hackintosh

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by MacA5, May 5, 2024.

  1. MacA5

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    Hi all,
    Running macOS Sonoma on AMD Ryzen Hackintosh smoothly.
    Install of PD trial version went smoothly too.
    I then try to create my 1st VM (Ventura VM) and get this error screen:


    Browsing on Google doesn't say that much about PD/hackintosh/AMD...
    So my 1st question is: Does PD supports Hachintosh AMD based?
    FYI it was 100% ok with previous Intel Hackintosh.

    Thanks in advance for your insight.
  2. Trishna Oobeyram

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    Best Answer
    Unfortunately, we do not support hackintosh.
    Any issues with computers running an unsupported macOS may be as a result of the lack of certain drivers provided by Apple required for a complete macOS functionality and seamless experience between Mac hardware and software.
    We do not recommend or test such setups, thus cannot guarantee any positive results using our product even if other apps are working fine.
    Since Apple cannot guarantee that new versions of macOS will work on such legacy Macs, we from our side cannot guarantee that our product will work properly or work at all too.

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