Impressed - 2 questions ??

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Bung55, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Bung55



    First impressions of Access are very good - congrats on a great App

    1. The support pages say the trial is 14 days, When I installed the App on my iPad it said 90 days Clarification ?

    2. Will this work connecting to Windows Server with multiple Accounts ?
    (I currently have a client using RDP apps on iPads (6 or 7 connecting to Windows Server 2008) and it is less than ideal !)

    Thanks, Dave

    ps Sorry I lied - a third question - I have a Windows Desktop and a Windows Notebook - do I simply pay for two subscriptions, or can the one subscription access both computers? Obviously I can only ever be access one computer at a time!
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  2. WaltKi

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    Impressed by the responsiveness on my local network. Also, Response using a tethered LTE connection on my iPhone is quite good. The only problems I see for me is Parallels Access does not seem to fully support the iPad Blue Tooth (BT) keyboard in consistently in applications.
    BT use is quirky at best especially in apps that have fields Tab doesn't move between fields, Drop downs select the data with the selection bar above blocking the view. Still testing In my trial period.
  3. Bung55



    I'm surprised not one from Parallel's is on the forums answering questions - with such a great program freshly released, I would have thought they would be keen to gauge reaction and help people out ?

    Should we be using some other form of support?

    Cheers, Dave
  4. lotw

    lotw Product Expert

    I hope the change the way it works. Their Parallels mobile app worked better for me and it worked on the phone too. I messed with a few people running windows 7 on my iPhone. But aside from that the resources Parallels Access uses has increased over their previous app. In fact I get better results running windows 7 in a virtual machine. Parallels desktop and parallels mobile app, then access on my Mac

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