Indicate which Parallels VM an application is tied to

Discussion in 'Parallels Access and Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by RicardoPa, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. RicardoPa


    I'm really impressed with Parallels access so far - this could be a game changer for me!

    The first complaint I have is that there's no indication to which VM an application is linked when adding it to the app launcher.

    For example, I have two different Windows VM's (one XP and one Win7) when I search to add Internet Explorer I get to IE icons, but no indication which one is linked to which VM:

    Photo Aug 30, 12 22 44.jpg

    The same is true for Outlook:

    Photo Aug 30, 12 23 05.jpg

    Could you add a suffix that indicates the name of the VM - e.g. "Internet Explorer - Windows XP" ? Or perhaps allow us to select the VM by name and then select apps linked to that VM only?

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