Install Manjaro on Parallels 14

Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by josefca, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. josefca

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    I have seen that there are detailed instructions for installing Arch Linux in Parallels, and since Manjaro is similar to that I would like to know if those instructions are also suitable for Manjaro.
    Thanks for all help
  2. RobertS48

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    I had to upgrade the kernel to 4.20, then the parallels tools installed okay.
    Unfortunately, in doing that it stopped X from starting automatically. So now I have to log on from tty2 and invoke `startx` manually. Very peculiar.
  3. ParaKitty

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    Just installed Manjaro Openbox 19.07.11 Unstable with Linux 5.2.3-1, and the tools installed fine.
    Follow the instructions either HERE or HERE to update the tools for Kernel 5.0+.
    Then follow the instructions HERE to actually prepare and install the tools. Start at instruction #14. Skip the `touch /etc/X11/xorg.conf` line in 14. The very next line after that you should only need the last package, `linux-headers`. Do the link in the next line, skip the touch, do the nano, then install the tools by typing `sudo ./install` inside of the directory you moved the tools into above. Reboot. Voila! Your mounted shares will be in `/mnt/psf`.
  4. CommanderAngry

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    As a follow up to this, I ran into an issue where I couldn't get the tools kmod to compile properly because of a change i kernel 5.2.21 (the return type of the fault handler functions changed from 'int' to 'vm_fault_t' (which is an unsigned int)). Digging back through the kernel archives the changes started earlier than that but by the time I updated Manjaro it was at 5.2.21 so that's what I went with. If anyone's interested, I can post the steps to fix it so that it builds for kernel 5.2.21. It does require editing code and tar'ing/untar'ing archives as the guides posted above do.
  5. ectoplasmosis

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    Hi, I'm also trying to install Parallels Tools on the latest Manjaro distro; any instructions/pointers would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  6. n-thumann

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