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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by backtothemac, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. backtothemac


    Is there a set of VM tools for Linux? If not, how do you get the networking going in Linux, and the video driver?
  2. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers

    There no Parallels Tools for Linux yet - it is scheduled for the next versions. But SVGA and Network should work in guest linux out of the box - since PW supports VGA/VESA 3.0 video and RTL8029 NIC.
  3. jeckert


    Please think also about right mouse click under Linux. I am using some special applications where i need the right mouse-click. But because i am using a macbook-pro and NO additional mouse i dont have another external mouse. And the internal have only one button.

    And no, i am not able to change the keyboardsettings, the Applications are special ISOs without allowing me to go to shell or in one case i have to use the right mouse button to go to the shell.

    I hope i wrote it down understandable. sorry for my english..

  4. STim

    STim Super Moderator

    Joerg, try Ctrl-Click. This should be interperted as Right-Click by the VM.
  5. jeckert


    Tim, i tried Control-Click (ok, i dont said this). Its fully functional if i use a VM with Windows (W98,W2k,WxP), but not if i use Linux. Ok, i dont tried SuSe or Trustix. But the Debian and the LifeCD of hakin9 dont want to do anything if i try to use Control-Click. Possibly i make something wrong i couldnt see at the moment.

    But its ok thats always control-click. I first think that not functional under Linux. I think i have to look deeper to find the problem. Do you have a hint for me?

    regards Joerg
  6. backtothemac


    Well, I cannot get networking in Xp or Linux, so I guess that I am just having a problem with Beta 4.
  7. eblot

    eblot Bit Poster

    Any updated status on this topic?

    What does actually mean "next release": Can we expect the tools for 2.1 for Mac, for example

    This would be very nice to have at least an integrated mouse cursor: full 2- or even 3- mouse buttons, and seamless cursor movements (when the cursor leaves the guest OS screen, there is not need for [Ctrl]+[Alt] key actions to recover the cursor in the host OS): from my perspective, it is more a request about the user experience than a performance increase...

    Thanks in advance.
  8. crispoe


    Using X11

    Best way I have found around the mouse and dispay issues with linux in parallels is to export my display to full screen in X11. You can also run it rootless on top of the finder, but you will have to put X11 full screen mode to access the Aqua desktop icons. Running in rootless mode (X11 default) will allow you to minimize linux applications to the dock.)

    Boot the Linux vm ( I use Ubuntu ) Uninstall gdm , with the command "apt-get remove gdm -y"

    For example.. I goto preferences in X11 and put X11 in full screen mode (easily Backgrounded with option-command-a)

    in the xterm in X11 i run "xhost ipaddressofvm"

    then inside the vm i run "export DISPLAY=ipaddressofmac:0.0"

    then inside the vm i run "gnome-session&"

    you can write a short script that does this as well if you like... Ubuntu looks very nice under Aqua - and it runs peppier letting OS X draw the graphics.

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