installing parallels with boot camp installed

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by marc gerstel, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. marc gerstel

    marc gerstel Bit poster

    I am currently using boot camp with Window xp. I am installing parallels. Can both remain in computer?

    I am installing parallels due to overheating of my mac when in the boot camp windows. Mac runs cool on Mac side.
  2. Michael Nesbett

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    Jumping on the band wagon...

    I'm currently running Apple Leopard (Mac OS X, 10.5.6) using boot camp (MBP31.0070.B07) with Windows Vista Ultimate.

    I want to install Parallels 4.0, but I don't want to disable or remove my boot camp partition.

    Will I be able to install Parallels 4.0 over the top of boot camp without disabling/removing boot camp and keeping all the programs I've already installed in Windows?
  3. otoc

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    I'm guessing at what you are asking. Microsoft will allow you to use the same copy of winxp on the same machine. You'll need to activate it a second time.

    If you asking if you can install a virtual machine (vm) on the Mac partition while having the Bootcamp partition ---yes.

    My rule of thumb is that if you plan on using the bootcamp install to be your vm, get it running properly first. Windows shouldn't be be overheating the hardware. Uninstall the bootcamp drivers within windows and reinstall. You'll first need the 10.5 dvd for BC2.0 and then the update for BC2.1 which is an apple download.

    Parallels is a MacOS application. You install it on that partition.

    As to how you handle Windows--you have 2 choices. Use the Bootcamp partition as the vm in the MacOS (thus having access to all the programs and files you currently use), or install another copy of windows within Parallels to keep the two installs apart. Each method operates as a virtual machine when in the MacOS. One is using an vm located on the Mac partition and the other uses the Bootcamp install as a vm.

    I prefer to use the BootCamp partition. That way I have the same files and apps, and always have the choice of either booting into Windows directly via Bootcamp or running it within the Mac OS.

    So for a basic answer to what you guys may be asking, BootCamp will remain and will run regardless of the Parallels method of vm. RTFM before you take the plunge and search the forums if you run into a problem.

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