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Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by Waltz, Aug 13, 2022.

  1. Waltz

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    How would I go about installing Intellij IDEA community edition on Ubuntu 20.04 vm on my M1 MacBook Pro?
  2. BrentM3

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    I haven't tried it with Inteliij IDEA, but this how I got Clion to work, so I imagine its pretty much the same.

    First download the JetBrains Runtime for linux-aarch64 from (I used the "JBR with JCEF (bundled by default)" version.) and untar it somewhere on your system.

    Download the Intellij for linux tarball and untar it somewhere else on your system.

    When I launch clion I just need to set the CLION_JDK environment variable and the launch script will pick it up. So, on my system I untared both the JetBrains Runtime and Clion to ~/opt, so I just run:

    CLION_JDK=~/opt/jbrsdk_jcef-17.0.3-aarch64-b469/ ~/opt/clion-2022.2/bin/

    And that seems to do it. IIRC, the launch script for IDEA is, and if you poke around in there you'll find the right environment variable to set for IDEA, probably IDEA_JDK.

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