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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by jeanmi, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. jeanmi


    Since installing build 5582, I am unable to connect to internet from the VM (Windows XP).
    Although I have configured the network adapter to "shared networking", Internet Explorer does not connect to the servers. I have Leopard. Can anybody provide a detailed procedure for solving this connection problem ?
  2. MartinBear


    Need more facts to make a diagnosis

    1. Please do an ipconfig/all in the DOS command window on your VM. Copy the results and post in your reply.

    2. Where does your Mac get its IP address from? Presumably a DHCP server. If so, what range of IP addresses does this server offer? (If it's an ADSL router, for example, use the web front end to look at the DHCP settings and report back in your reply.)

    3. Look at Parallels preferences for networking. There is a range of addresses that it uses for DHCP for shared networking. What is it?

    4. Look at the Network panel in System Preferences on the Mac. You will (probably) see three Ethernet entries. What are the IP addresses for Ethernet, en2, and en3?

    The goal is to get a valid DHCP address that isn't duplicated between the Mac and the VM and that is also valid for your (real world) LAN.
  3. jeanmi


    Thanks for offering assistance to a newbie.

    1. Command ipconfig/all yields the following:

    Ip configuration of Windows:
    Hosts name;jeannot-704qors
    Main DNS server:
    Type of node: unknown
    IP routing activated : no
    Proxy WINS activated: no

    Ethernet board connection to local network 2
    Suffix DNS for the connection:
    Description: Parallels network Adapter n2
    Physical address: 00-1C-42-8B-AC-41
    DHCP activated: yes
    Automatic configuration activated: yes
    IP address
    Subnetwork mask
    Default bridge:
    DHCP server :
    DNS Server :
    Lease obtained Thursday 13 december 2007 10:37:51
    Lease expires : Thursday 20 december 2007 10:37:51

    2. I am hardly familiar with the terms you use.
    My ISP has installed a Livebox by Inventel device in my home. The Mac is connected to the Livebox by radio (so is another PC in the house) and the device allows connection to ISPs ADSL service.
    From Internet Explorer in the virtual machine, I can check the connection to the livebox by typing : in IE
    It then reads: you are now connected to the internet
    Your IP address is
    Your ADSL connection has been active for 25 minutes.

    Sorry I do not know how to use the front end to find out the IP range.

    3.In the Network Parallels preferences, there appears: shared networking
    DHCP scope:

    3. In the network panel of the Mac I see:
    Airport connected to Wanadoo-8605 (my ISP) at IP
    Parallels Host Guest connected and active at via DCHP
    Parallels NAT active at
    All the other choices (Bluetooth,Firewire etc) are not connected.

    Please let me know if you need additional information.
    Thanks again for offering to help^.
  4. jeanmi


    I have made at least two errors in the message above/
    In 1. the IP address is
    In 3 (bis) IP of Parallels NAT is

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Regards
  5. vanpatrick


    I am experiencing the loss of shared networking with 5582 and OS 10.5.1 as well, and the command "sudo killall -hup pvsnatd" works for a few starts of the VM, but then I have to use it again on every 3rd or fourth run of Vista Ultimate. Very inconvenient.... is this a bug? Is something not configured correctly in Parallels, Vista or OS X?
  6. MartinBear


    OK. This is very helpful information. Here is my "working hypothesis" about what needs to be done: force the DHCP address of the Parallels Adapter to be in the same range as that assigned to your Mac by your Livebox, but not overlapping.


    1. Shut down the VM (not Pause, turn it off).
    2. Leave the Parallels Desktop app running with the VM off.
    3. Parallels Desktop->Preferences->Network->Shared Networking
    change the DHCP scope to be from to
    leave net mask at
    click on OK
    4. Mac System Preferences->Network->en3
    Click on "Advanced", you will move the the TCP/IP configuration tab.
    Set Configure IPv6 to "Off"
    Click on "Renew DHCP Lease"
    After a pause, the IPv4 address should be in the range - .230
    Click on "OK", return to main Network window, click on "Apply"
    Close System Preferences
    5. Restart VM and wait for boot to complete
    6. With luck, you now have networking active.
    7. What does ipconfig/all say now ????

    My idea is that the original DHCP request on the 10.211.5.x net is failing, but that setting the DHCP in the range of your Livebox will work. (I had the same experience with my own network after upgrading to 5582 and Leopard).

    It would be MUCH, MUCH safer if we could guarantee that your Livebox would NEVER assign an IP address that overlaps with Parallels. By choosing high number for the Parallels range (.220-230) we make that accident very unlikely, but not impossible. IF this method works for you, then please consult the manual for the Livebox and learn how to restrict the range of DHCP addresses it provides so that the highest number is -- below the start of the Parallels range.

    Good luck! Let me know what happens.

  7. jeanmi


    Thank you so much for spending much time and effort on my problem.

    OK with 1 thru 3.
    In 4. I did not get to en3. I had Airport and, in Airport’s context, the IPv4 address was (after renewing the DHCP lease as you indicated).
    Unfortunately, I could not surf from Internet Explorer in the VM.

    Finally Ipconfig/all yields:

    I had a look at my wife’s MacBook: her build of Parallels is 5160 and her VM is also Windows XP home. No problem with both Safari and IE.
    The VM is on Bridged Ethernet en 1 Airport/Wireless adapter.
    Ipconfig/all yields IP address
    and DNS Server address : which is highly different from mine : ( Is this the root of the trouble ? Should I contact my ISP ?
  8. jeanmi


    Problem solved. TCP/IP on the VM had gone to fixed DNS server address. Changed it to the option "automatically obtain addresses of DNS servers". Now I can surf the net with IE.
  9. MartinBear



    Congratulations. However, you now really need to make sure that your "real" Mac and your "virtual" Windows machine never have the same IP address. With only a few machines on the LAN the chances are small, but not zero.

    I find it strange that one machine on the net has an address of x.x.x.15 and the other x.x.x.225. Usually they are very close to each other. Try renewing DHCP lease on both Macs.

    And, as said before, see if you can find instructions on how to control the range of DHCP addresses provided by your Livebox.

    But ... enjoy the success for the moment.


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