Is it not possible to run Vista on Paralles? via macbook Pro?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Sean_Price, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Sean_Price


    I tried installing Vista over my XP vm machine i currently run. But I am getting a msg stating that this computer is not complient with the Advanced Configeration and Power Interface (ACPI) standard?

    It says I need a bios update or to install it on a ACPI-complient computer? I have tried a fresh install as well as install over XP and i'm getting the same msg..

    I am running all this on OS X on my macbook pro 17", the 1st edition of the laptop....

    anyone have any idea? what can or should i do to make this work?

    thank you all for any assistancE1

  2. darkone


    you need to (when running the XP VM) click Actions > Prepare Windows Vista Upgrade

    then do your vista upgrade
  3. Sean_Price


    so there is no way to do a fresh install?

    what about using boot camp?

    thanks for the info guy!

    let me know otherwise i'll try your method!1


  4. mckinnmd


    You actually have to do it when you have stopped your Win XP virtual machine, but the window is still open. Then you will be able to choose "Prepare for Windows Vista Upgrade". It will boot your XP machine and then you install Vista as you would normally by running the DVD. This is only if you have an Upgrade DVD. If you have a full version of Vista (I believe Ultimate, Business and Enterprise are the only supported versions), you can install the vmachine just like you did XP.
  5. aguydude


    If you are going to do a fresh install, do a fresh install, don't install it over your XP HD.
  6. Constable_Odo1


    I'm running Vista Ultimate right alongside of Windows XP Pro on my MacBook Pro. The Vista Ultimate I have is a full install version. I installed it the same way as WinXP Pro, by starting with a new VM. I never saw any sort of messages saying there was a problem with anything. Still, in the past there were threads in this forum that mentioned those types of messages that you got. Check the forum for ACPI.
  7. mckinnmd



    All you have to do to avoid the ACPI error is to run the "prepare for vista upgrade" from the actions menu... this is only if you have an upgrade version. If you have a full version you can just run it like you installed XP, as it's own separate install.
  8. iduff

    iduff Product Expert

    There are two ways to do it, each alluded to in this thread.

    If you choose to install over the XP instance in the same, pre-existing VM, you need to do the "Prepare Windows Vista Upgrade..." selection under Actions while running the soon-to-be upgraded XP VM. That takes care of the ACPI error in that VM.

    The other option is to create a new VM for a fresh install of Vista. This you can do, if you have the drive space, and retain your XP VM as well as have a nice shiny, new Vista VM as well.

    I might suggest the second, if you have the drive space, as I've found Vista to be less compelling than Microsoft would have you believe. Then you would then be able to at least run XP until you become fully smitten with Vista.
  9. pan


    If you do a fresh install back up your VM once you have registered Vista or XP but before you add your data. I found it is really nice to have a licensed fresh copy of Windows available in the event you need to replace a VM.

    If I am surfing to new areas of the web I often use a disposable VM in the event I am drive by spammed, virused or attacked. If I have been attacked, which has recently happened, I just throw away the corrupted VM and install a backup copy.
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