Is it possible to logon direct to Guest

Discussion in 'Other Guest OS Types Discussion' started by Gwen Nadin, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Gwen Nadin

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    Hi there
    I was wondering as it takes a long time to launch parallels 7 now on my mac after upgrading from P3,
    1st. Windows xp welcome window appears and you need to push start
    2nd. After pushing start it launches into the administration startup - this is corrupted so I created a Guest user
    3rd. I then need to wait for all windows to load, and then Log-off and logon to my Guest user - uncorrupted one.

    Is it possible to bypass some of these windows which all take time, and launch like I did in P3 straight to
    Guest user window instead.
    Thanks for any help with this query.
    I am using mac with 4gb ram, plenty of memory P7, Windows xp Sp3.
  2. Gwen Nadin

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    Login direct to Guest

    Hi again
    I am sorry I typed in the wrong details as above. I have two administrator accounts, and windows defaults to the main administrator account, which became corrupted. I made another user account and gave it a name other than administrator. It is this account I would like to automatically login to when I open up parallels, not the Guest which is disabled. Hope this is clear.
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