Is there anything good about 3.0?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Fortune500, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. Fortune500


    I ordered 3.0 on the 7th of June and so far i haven't seen hide nor hair of the Application.

    Right now everything is working fine. However after cruiseing the threads around here i'm getting the sense that i should sell my copy and just wait for a while because i don't see anything positive about it. Everybody has an issue.

    With all the issues some of you face it seems to me that perhaps it would be better just to get a PC laptop and use that. Sorry I just don't get the point of dealing with all the headaches from this install.

    Can one person please explain what positive aspects they have experienced with 3.0? :confused:

  2. Stevamundo


    To me 3.0 is BETTER than 2.5. 3.0 gives me better overall performance in my XP than 2.5 ever did.

    I really don't know what happened to 3.0 with so many people though.
  3. lanny


    There is nothing special about 3, just a way of dishing out more doe. I see no benefit in the pricey update, period.
  4. terryhatmaker


    3.0's Strengths

    I am not sure why there is so much negativity about 3.0. I ordered it on June 6th and got my Activation Code the same day. I was able to download 3.0 the day it was released. I have been running 3.0 for a couple of weeks and I have found it to be more stable, faster and the new coherence 2.0 is GREAT! I love the fact that I can open documents in the Macintosh area with Windows programs. For example, I have not reloaded Microsoft Office 2004 because it is so slow on Intel; however, I can open the documents in Excel for Windows and run the documents much faster.

    Overall, I have not been impressed with the 3D capabilities of 3.0, but I am not using Parallels predominately for games.

    I hope this helps.

  5. pan


    I had the same experience as terryhatmaker.
  6. Liong612


    Version 3.0 is definitely better

    It is unfortunate that most people write about their bad experience with Parallels desktop 3.0. However, I do think version 3.0 is a very good product. So much improved than the older version. My installation went smoothly. It converted my old vm without problem and I even successfully compressed it (it took several hours). My only purpose of having parallels is for my Sony HD5. I notice that my HD5 connects much faster and very smoothly. I don't use windows for any other purpose. Having said that, i do installed ms office and ms visual studio 2003 and they all work great.

    Thank you parallels :)
  7. macosnerd


    There seems to be a few issues related 3.0 and they all seem to intertwine each other.
    First you need to remember that this is a support forum so the vast majority of threads will be people complaining about problems.

    Second, parallels 3.0 was for some reason, rushed out the door. There are too many documented bugs and issues to come to any other conclusion. While its probable that many people have not run into issues with 3.0 it seems too many have.

    Third was marketing, over-promising and under-delivering. I'm not sure if the wording on the site was changed but I got an upgrade notice stating
    Yet you come here, you see posts saying that you cannot run most of hottest games and graphic applications available. Adding salt to the wound, is some of the posts from parallels employees stating that because its the first release of direct-x support, many of the games will not run.
  8. chabig


    I like 3.0.

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