Issues with w10 and French keyboard login

Discussion in 'Accessing your PC' started by ko_, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. ko_

    ko_ Bit poster

    I just installed PA on w10 pro in France.
    My account is configured in French.
    Login fails when the French keyboard is configured on the Pc if I access from android.
    It always fails when I try to access from a browser.
    So I need to switch to US keyboard on the Pc for login then revert to French after.
    I guess there is an implicit expectation from w10 that the input from PA will come in US keyboard.
    Please help me figure the setting I have to change on the PC (it seems there is a similar issue for macs).
    Thank you
  2. Hemnath@Parallels

    Hemnath@Parallels Parallels Support

    Hi. We have had several patches of the software released since your query. Please install the latest Parallels Access build and check for the issue. You may also refer to this article for assistance.

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