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    What a program! And don't listen to the naysayers who want to browbeat everything you guys are doing. This program is wonderful and has saved me countless hours and tons of stress by providing me a way to perform all of my daily duties on a single machine. You constantly improve your product and you get out updates to users as fast as could possibly be feasible it seems. I think you all are doing a wonderful job, I love your product, and I look forward to all of the coming improvements that I know you all are sure to be cooking up. Keep up the fine work!
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    I totally agree
  3. ckuske


    I agree also... I'm using build 3150, and does it have some problems? Yes.

    But, anyone who thinks that virtualization is easy to develop and debug is sorely mistaken. This isn't a solitaire game or something, this is a very complex piece of software and overall I think Parallels is making an honest effort to solve the bugs and bring us some very cool features.

    All I know is that I got my MBP two weeks ago, and being able to develop in Visual Studio in Coherence mode while running OS X is great. I can do what I need for work, but use a more stable OS on great hardware.

    Thanks Parallels!
  4. dd55


    I would completely agree with the OP. I have two programs that I simply must use that have never been (and never will be) available in Mac versions. This has made it necessary for me to maintain a second computer running windoze just for these two apps. I don't like windoze and I don't like having to devote space and financial resources to an otherwise unnecessary windoze computer system. Nor do I care about booting my Mac into windoze. I am just thrilled to have the ability to run these two needed apps on my Mac.

    I am completely baffled by the idea that Parallels should provide driver support for devices like the iSight camera which has never been supported by windoze. Nor does it make any sense to me to expect hardware that has never been useable in an Apple computer to suddenly and magically "work". Apple has never supported a wide array of hardware and this has traditionally been the biggest complaint for peecee users. Nor does it make sense to expect the Mac to be transformed into a gaming machine simply because it's running a windoze VM. The bottom line: if you want a peecee, buy a peecee. Don't buy a Mac with the idea that you are going to transform it into a peecee by running windoze in a VM. Not only is the Mac going to cost you more money, it's never going to be a peecee.

    I do not believe that the intention of the developers of Parallels or "Boot Camp" was to enable Apple computers to "compete" with peecee hardware. The intention was to make it possible for those who would prefer to work in Mac OS (for whatever reason) but who cannot make a "clean break" with windoze because of a few necessary applications, to have the best of both worlds. I for one am perfectly happy to deal with a few anomalies and "workarounds" in exchange for the ability to run everything I need on one machine. Who cares if the iSight doesn't work in the VM. Flip over to OSX and use the iSight. And it's easy to mount a USB drive on the Mac and copy files from it to a parallels shared folder (and vice versa). Who cares if windoze can't "see" the drive? When I plug a USB drive into my Mac, it just appears on the desktop ready to go. I plug it into a windoze machine and I'm in for five min. (if I'm lucky) of effing around with the "New Hardware Found" routine. Yecch!

  5. Hugh Watkins

    Hugh Watkins

    the intentions of the developers are to have a prosperous business and have a flexable product which appeals to many different kinds of users

    All computers are Turing machines and work in the same way
    only the user interface or shell makes an apparent difference

    I am certain the geeks like making things work for fun too

    In a while they will hack the graphics card drivers and produce a parallels suitable for advanced gamers
    and multiple monitor support too

    Hugh W
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