Just got my free Parallels upgrade from 7 to 7

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by rotopenguin, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. rotopenguin


    I bought Parallels 7 a little over a week ago, and I signed in for the free 8 upgrade as soon as the doors opened. The upgrade notification just hit my mailbox, so who should I no_reply to about the circularity of this upgrade?

    Hello, Brian

    You recently purchased Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac – the leading solution to run Windows applications on a Mac without rebooting. Because you purchased your product within our tech guarantee (on or after August 1, 2011), you are eligible for a free-of-charge upgrade to the new Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac!
    New features include:
    • Support for various features of Mac OS X Lion, including Launchpad, Mission Control, full screen mode, and Lion animations
    • The ability to run Mac OS X Lion as a guest
    • Improved performance, integration and ease of use – including support for iSight & FaceTime HD camera* sharing and Shared Printers
    • Improved graphics, with up to 1 GB VRAM support
    • The all-new Parallels Mobile app – featuring audio support, copy & paste functionality and the ability to control your Mac OS
    Get your upgrade to Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac - Download it today!
    Three Easy Steps:
    1. Download Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac.
    2. Have your key handy for the copy of Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac currently installed on your computer. You can find instructions for locating your license key here.
    3. Install Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac and enter the product activation key provided below when prompted. In certain circumstances, you may also be asked to provide your Desktop 6 for Mac key (see Step 2).
    Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac upgrade key:


    Questions about how to upgrade? Please visit our Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac Upgrade page.
    Thank you for choosing Parallels Desktop for Mac, used by more millions of users worldwide - the world's #1 Mac system utility!
  2. davetroup


    Same experience...

    I just had the same experience. I submitted the upgrade request for Parallels 8 earlier today, and a couple of hours ago got the same email you describe, giving me an upgrade key to go from Parallels 6 to Parallels 7. Not exactly helpful.

    I resubmitted my upgrade claim, because I was unable to find any way to send a message to Parallels. I tried to chat with an online rep, but I'm two or three days past the end of the 30 day free support period, so it won't let me chat with anyone.

    All in all, very frustrating. Let's hope somebody wakes up and realizes that they're sending last year's email.
  3. BogdanP


    Same for me... woke up to find out an upgrade key from 6 to 7 instead 7 to 8.

    I've opened a ticket.
  4. LeoBMW


    Same here. I submitted a ticket Friday and it got resolved today, Saturday.
  5. BogdanP


    Just received an email with the new upgrade key and their apologies.

    Solved, thank you.
  6. DaWill


    Me Too.. Went ahead and submitted it again... Maybe they'll get it right this time.
  7. DaWill


    Got a response from my ticket, but obviously they didn't even read it. It never sent me a copy of the exact ticket, but I explained what happened and even cut and pasted the entire email for the 6 to 7 upgrade, and all I got was a canned response about how all qualifying purchases from parallels would receive an upgrade key automatically and check my spam folder....

    What did everybody else tell them to get the key? I went ahead and resubmitted the upgrade request too. Just find it silly that I have to go through this much trouble to get an upgrade key when I'm qualified for it.
  8. rotopenguin


    I put in a problem ticket, and got a resolution in a few hours. I included a Dropbox link for PDFs of my receipt and the 6 to 7 email, I figure that's a safe thing that can be opened up at your average work computer. Be clear that you qualify for the Parallels Desktop 8 upgrade, and received the wrong offer.

    I don't like the idea of re-submitting to the regular upgrade form. The automated system that was supposed to retire your original serial number and issue a PD8 serial has already made one error. Using that system again will probably make your license changes more complicated for the human being that is going to have to fix things anyway.
  9. Richard900


    Same problem.
    I submitted a ticket with PDFs of my Parallels Desktop 7 receipt and the Parallels incorrect update email.
    The problem was resolved in less than 6 hours.

    Thanks to the Parallels support team for their help PLUS the people in this thread who gave advice about submitting a ticket.

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