"Kernel components mismatch" message after rebooting Mac

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by Parallels User, May 13, 2009.

  1. STim

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    I realize that the solution provided is heavy and not as easy to use by those unfamiliar with command-line. We will prepare a small downloadable utility that will fix the issue. I will post an update to this thread once it is available.
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    Just for the record.. I had the same thing happen:

    "I first got it via auto-update. Then, when restarting the Mac , it kernel-panicked so I had to force the shutdown (holding power key for a few secs)."

    I have not updated to 10.5.7 yet, but the kernel panic may have been what caused the files not to be deleted.


    Just ran ls /System/Library/Extensions | grep prl and it returns nothing.. so I guess I'm safe to upgrade?

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  3. David Bozek

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    OK, I am convinced that I have a solution.

    Based on what I have seen, 10.5.7 is NOT the problem. Its the v3844 updater of Parallels. It does not remove some of the extensions from an earlier version. Parallels see these and creates the warning.

    There may be an exytra step in here, but I know this solved the problem for me:

    1) Use the "Uninstall Parallels Desktop" utility in the v3810 dmg package to remove Parallels. When you run the Utility, Select "Parallels Desktop" and "Application Settings" for removal.

    2) Restart

    3) Run the installer on the v3844 dmg image.

    4) Navigate to the following folder


    And move the following items into the Trash (you will need to enter an Admin PWD).


    5) Restart

    6) Parallels should now load and not give you the warning message.

    Again, there may be an extra step in here or some overkill. Maybe you do not need to select "Application Settings" during the uninstall. You also may not really need to use the older v3810 dmg image. But know that the above worked - at least for me.
  4. Robert Dean

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    Same error here


    I'm experiencing exactly the same problem. My configuration:

    Parallels Build 4.0.3844 (installed via built-in software updater around May 9, 2009)
    MacBook - Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz, 2GB RAM
    Mac OS 10.5.7
    I use 1 VM with Windows XP

    The Parallels 3844 update installed and worked without any problems before I installed Mac OS 10.5.7 on May 12. After the Mac OS update, I began to see the same error message when I tried to start the VM ("Are you sure you want to start the virtual machine? Etc."). When I start it in defiance of the error message, I don't have internet connectivity.

    I did a simple uninstall of Parallels, downloaded build 3844, reinstalled Parallels, and had the problem still. I have not tried any of the more elaborate procedures posted in this thread.

    Waiting for a simple fix...thanks.
  5. David Kim

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    I'm having this error now and I can't get online thru Windows (which I need for work). I installed OS 10.5.7 first. Then followed the install with Parallels. What a pain!

    For those that aren't savvy with commands, please upload a software patch soon!!!
  6. David Sampson

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    I know it doesn't solve the original problem but I got the internet working by going to 'bridged networking' then 'airport' in the network configure pane
  7. STim

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    You have upgraded from Parallels Desktop for Mac 4 build 3810 to Parallels Desktop 4 for Mac build 3844. You observe the following issue:
    - When starting the Virtual Machine Parallels Desktop warns you that "One or more kernel components loaded on your Mac are for another version of Parallels Desktop".

    1. Solution below should be used only in case symptom exactly match the described.
    2. Solution below should be used only in case build 3844 is currently installed. Do not use it in case you have older build installed actually.

    1. Download the Cleanup Kernel Extensions utility.
    2. Run it. The utility will welcome you and inform that administrator password will be required.
    3. Supply the password.
    4. The utility will inform you that obsolete kernel components are removed and suggest a reboot.
    5. Reboot your Mac.
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  8. peterlemer

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    You didn't say whether your solution works in OS 10.5.6 or 10.5.7 , nor whether one should upgrade P4 first and run the solution before upgrading OS or the other way round

  9. Mike Weasner

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    3844, 10.5.7, WinXP lost internet

    Does the recently posted Cleanup Kernel Extensions utility fix the lost internet access problem?

    I haven't experienced the Kernel extensions warning but WinXP lost internet access after
    upgrading to 10.5.7. Internet access did work after updating Parallels Desktop to 3844 in 10.5.6.

    Thanks. --Mike
  10. Elric

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    Please create a support ticket at http://www.parallels.com/support/desktop/request/ and post me (privately or in the topic) its number
  11. Specimen

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    I see they don't reply directly to this, but let me say that in my opinion the order is irrelevant, thou the update to PDM 4 came out before the OS X upgrade. Also, the solution posted is indifferent to the OS X version (ie, works with 10.5.6 and 10.5.7).
  12. Mike Weasner

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    No internet access 3844/10.5.7 followup

    The Ticket has been assigned an ID of [Parallels #719581], Severity set to 2, and you will receive an response within the next 24 H.

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  14. peterlemer

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    thanks specimen

  15. Mike Weasner

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    re: [Parallels #719581] [PD4] No internet access after 3844 & 10.5.7

    After shutting down the MacBook Pro (10.5.7) and leaving it off for several hours, I booted it up and launched Parallels. Internet access now works in Parallels with WinXP. Ticket can be closed. --Mike
  16. Troy Muller

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    I wish the fix for my system was as easy. I've had a bug report open for 6 weeks now and no success in running "Supported" Mac OS X 10.5 Server within parallels 4 (latest build or otherwise) on my Early 2009 Mac Pro (Nehalem)


  17. TerryC

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    Temp fix for internet

    I have the same problem. I get the same warning message every time I start a virtual and then no internet. Even though I still get the warning, I recovered the internet by switching my configuration from a shared connection to bridged ethernet/airport.

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