Keyboard Mapping wrong when accessing MAC via Win 7 using Chrome

Discussion in 'Accessing your Mac' started by AndrewP2, Jul 21, 2015.

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    I'm new to using Parallels, but very impressed.
    I've purchased a license to use the Parallels access for my Mac as the Mac is in another room.
    I use a Windows 7 desktop running Chrome browser to access the Mac through Parallels access, but I'm finding issues with various keys.
    e.g @ ~ etc (the @ is where the ~ is).

    My Mac is connected to a VDU/Keyboard/Mouse sharing device and has a UK PC keyboard attached, all mapping works correctly locally, its only when I use Parallels desktop I have the mapping issues.

    Can you help me sort this please?


  2. AndrewP2

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    Many thanks for the reply.
    The keyboards appear to be already well matched both on the remote PC (Windows 7) and the MAC.
    Below is the PC keyboard, the layout matches the MAC, show below this image
  3. @AndrewP2, do you have any additional questions?
  4. AndrewP2

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    Sorry, I should have said, this is how it was set up originally, I have made no changes, so the issue is still there.

    The keyboard selection is correct on both devices, but when I access the MAC via Parallels Access, this is where the mapping issue occurs.

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